Fringe parade and printing in the vicinity of kookaburras

Hello Wonder Beings!

Hooray for the Fringe Parade! This is me in my giant puppet rig as a Space Knight getting ready to walk the path!

Cool sunlight effect on the photo. Thanks for the picture Kurt; he was wearing a similar rig. Unfortunately I did not have a similar phone camera. I am pleased to have completed the distance in the set up, it was a challenge.

Those of you who are ‘fans’ on my Visual Artist page on Facebook know that I did some lino printing today. Hooray! Whilst I was printing inside there were kookaburras laughing outside. I am sure that kookaburras laughing near printing can only be A Good Thing! :)

I am just pondering having a Mothers Day Competition again this year. Do you think that would be fun? Let me know below in the comments section or on my Facebook Visual Artist page. More details when I have them, but last year a lucky person (Hi Nick!) won 6 of my art cards and a lovely silk scarf from Oxfam.

May kookaburras laugh near you,