Art and heart for Nepal and Mother’s Day

Dearest bold soul, I hope this finds you with steady ground beneath your feet, warm shelter and nourishing food. I am grateful to also have sunshine streaming in the window and sweet feline helpers! This is a quick update, on … Continue reading

Mothers Day Competition 2010

Welcome Wise Friends, Hooray! Mothers Day competition! In celebration of Mothers let’s have a lovely competition! Begin by thinking about the beauty, kindness or boldness of your Mother (or Mother-figure or even Yourself-as-Mother). The Prize A hearty (haha) zipped leather … Continue reading

Live Bold List 14: 8 Things that seem ridiculously obvious now, that I would have done well to realise whilst healthy, but that I got sick & then remembered

Dear Bold and Fabulous Ones, Excitement, dearly beloveds! Click over to Operation Beautiful to see my You Are Beautiful ‘set in concrete’ photo (5th picture down)! I posted it here a little while back and also submitted it to the … Continue reading

Fringe parade and printing in the vicinity of kookaburras

Hello Wonder Beings! Hooray for the Fringe Parade! This is me in my giant puppet rig as a Space Knight getting ready to walk the path! Cool sunlight effect on the photo. Thanks for the picture Kurt; he was wearing … Continue reading