2012 Mothers Day Giveaway, hoorah!

[The Digital Fine Art Print has been won by Beth T. Thank you everyone for playing in the Giveaway!]

Hello beloved petals!

Hope you’ve had a lovely fortnight! I didn’t post last week as I was away camping – fun! More about that later, perhaps ;)

My big boys are all but gone – here’s a photo I took of our feet shortly before my oldest son left for Sydney (last year):

There are still plenty of situations when nurturing and common sense are just what’s needed! The cats, the neighbours’ children, friends’ children, one’s own inner child!

Therefore, as Mothers Day is approaching (the 13th May for Australia and the US, and the 18th in the UK if I’ve googled correctly) I want to do a “Mother Celebrating” Giveaway, making sure to allow enough time before Mothers Day to post the goodies out (anywhere in the world), so… let’s Do It Now!

The Tangerine Meg 2012 Mothers’ Day Giveaway :)

I would love to celebrate mothers at the same time as making some more new Bold Soul friends and sharing my bold art! To be in the running to get a Tangerine Meg Digital Fine Art Print and greeting card, here are the 2 ways to enter:

  1. Leave a comment under THIS POST, telling 1) a little about how your Mother is a bold soul, or 2) how motherhood makes you a bold soul, or 3) about a Mother figure you admire and in what way they are a bold soul, OR
  2. You can ‘share’ this on Facebook (or Twitter) and in your comment tell me where you shared it and how many new bold souls that would have reached.

You can do both, and get 2 chances to win!
The winner will receive a Tangerine Meg Digital Fine Art Print of their choice + a greeting card to go with it, from my Buy Bold Art page. You can use it for a Mothers Day gift, another day gift – or frame it and keep it for yourself!
If you have won something from me before you are ineligible to win – that wouldn’t be fair – but know that I love you heaps and you can certainly join in the fun with your comment (if I draw your number, then I will re-draw).

The winner will be chosen from the comments on THIS POST by a random number generator – wooh, tech-magic! Entries close on April 22nd, to allow time for (potentially) overseas mailing. I will email the winner to get their postal address, and to find out which picture they would like to receive.

Go to it, darlings: share, celebrate, get ready to thank your mum (or mother figure). I can’t wait to hear all your gorgeous stories and sharing.

Talk soon,
Much love,
Meg x o


2012 Mothers Day Giveaway, hoorah! — 12 Comments

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  2. Hello dear soul :) It’s no secret I adore your artwork! I chose to option 2 to enter the comp. I shared on my personal account, my business account and my business page totally a reach of 1,209 souls.
    Mel x

  3. Id like to say what an amasing mum I have aged 75 she is becoming computer savvy she realises that if she needs to communicate with many family members at the same time she only need to post a comment onto the family page on face book. My Father is gravely unwell and whilst caring for him she is continues to be there for all her 5 children , 19 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren, My Bold mum is vibrant smart and kinda cute – I love my bold mum

  4. Hello Darling, Bold Souls!

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful stories of boldness and motherhood and the news of my giveaway. I loved your stories and adore meeting new Bold Souls through friends! :)

    Linda: You. Are. Amazing. You inspire me! x o

    Birdy: It’s fascinating to see where we can get the nurturing we need. I love that image of a “metaphorical bathing”! x o

    Beth T: Thanks for sharing your story! Sounds like you and your husband are Bold Souls, too! By the way: You won! You won! You won! *jumping* I’ve emailed you with details.

    Tammy V: Your daughter is so wonderful in large part because of you, she’s built on the boldness she saw you embody :) Glad the foot picture ‘tickled’ you (haha)!

    Yvette: We are all so lucky to have you, Yvette!

    Gilly: Your Bold Mum does sound amazing! Good for her learning the computer :)

    Mel: Thanks for the shares, gorgeous soul!

    You are all truly amazing Bold Souls. I am honoured to know you.

    Have a beautiful week! ((Hugs))
    Much love,
    Meg x o x o

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  6. I have a mother. I am a mother. I will be the mother of mothers. I work with mothers. I talk with mothers. Every mother is a bold soul. I am yet to meet a mother who is not wracked with worry about some aspect of her child’s life – whether that child is an infant only hours old or the child in question is also a mother. We know we get just one chance and we want to do it so perfectly – yet who would want to be a person whose mother never made any mistakes? It is a mother’s imperfection which makes her perfect in her child’s eye. Women take the boldest step of all when they raise their child before the world and declare – “Isn’t she perfect?”

  7. Hello Lovely! I shared on FB and that would be with 3,115 friends…I was going to share it anyways before I read further. LOVE that feet photo…that’s very cool.
    Being a mom made me bold because I realized my kids were watching – and they were learning way more from my actions than from my words. My kids are bold! and my daughter is way more a bold soul than I because she’s taken it to the next level. she is possibly the very best Mommy I have ever seen!

  8. My mother was a bold soul in that she left her Iowa farm and her tiny hometown, and, along with friends from nursing school, moved to big cities across America. They went back East for awhile (oh, how I wished I had listened more carefully to those stories), and then came to California. Can you imagine, three good friends living on Balboa Island in the 1950’s? So far away from her Iowa roots. When I used to hear about those days, I imagined another installment in the Cherry Ames and Sue Barton books.

    My mom loved her Iowa relatives and valued the lessons she learned from them and the strength she saw in them. But she built a life far from where hers began, and I admire that. When I was forty, my sweetheart and I moved from our Southern California home to Northwest Oregon, to live in the country. We moved far from home, far from what we knew. In many ways, our new life was much like the one my mother left behind. I wish she were here to share it all with us.

    Thank you for asking this question and prompting such tender memories.

  9. My mom was both Bold & Not Bold. :>

    She didn’t follow the crowd, but she also didn’t follow her Dreams. Some of my most treasured things are three of her paintings, watercolors of pieces of Nature. She died before feeling she had the chance to pursue her painting outside the home, which to me is a grand shame. :>

    In terms of Bold Mother figures, I look to my Guide, Lady Coco. She’s been here before, and been a Momma on several of those occasions – I gather as both cat & human.

    She knows a lot about mothering, which I can tell from the kind, loving, and yet not-at-all-afraid-to-give-me-a-metaphorical-BATHING-when-I-need-it way she has.

    She’s helped me out SO MUCH in this lifetime, and I am so very grateful to her.

    I’m grateful to my birth mom too.

    I’m sorry she didn’t choose to follow her Dreams, but she did teach me a lot about walking your own Path and not caring what the crowd thinks. :>

    As I move more fully into my role as Paranormal Explorer, this ability is important. :>

    So thanks to both these Moms & Happy Mom Day to you too, Ms Meg! :-) :>

    Chirp, chirp! :-) :>

  10. Motherhood has made me a bold soul because I have learned how to be an ADVOCATE for our son. He is now 17 and a junior in high school. When he was in first grade, he had scarlet fever – a whole body strep infection. The strep antibodies (not the strep itself) attacked the basal ganglia of his brain. My brilliant boy has a neurological syndrome that presents as ADHD, OCD, simple tics, sensory processing issues, severe math difficulties, learning disabilities – well, you get the idea. Doctors say his IQ is over 140, but he does not test well. He struggles every day with school, and I have to be a strong advocate to see that his needs are being met at school. I had him when I was 42. He is the central joy in our lives.

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