Live Bold List 14: 8 Things that seem ridiculously obvious now, that I would have done well to realise whilst healthy, but that I got sick & then remembered


Dear Bold and Fabulous Ones,

Excitement, dearly beloveds! Click over to Operation Beautiful to see my You Are Beautiful ‘set in concrete’ photo (5th picture down)! I posted it here a little while back and also submitted it to the Operation Beautiful website person. Now it is up on their site as you can see! I wonder who emblazoned this positive message in the wet concrete?


I hope you are well and happy. I am quite thankful and relieved that I am SO much better now that I can even dress up as Alice/Dorothy and pose with a goddess statue rabbit (It’s not that I can’t tell the difference, it’s just an photo from the same day that doesn’t have a goddess statue in it). Isn’t she gorgeous? She is adorned, too! It was so fun wearing that wig – sorta liberating!


Here goes! LiveBold List Number 14 has to be the 8 Things that seem ridiculously obvious now, that I would have done well to realise whilst healthy, but that I got sick & then remembered. The following is new to me (again):

  1. Rest and sleep are magical, healing horizontalness. Like powerful medicine, but cosy and warm and don’t make your mouth taste like metal.
  2. Facebook, my (probably too) constant companion, gets by perfectly well without me. Alas – my unrequited attention!
  3. The first thing I wanted to be able to do when I had enough energy again is make pictures. Oh yeah, and run. And get strong again, but gradually & gently, with enjoyment not stress.
  4. Parenting does not stop when you are sick. Carry on.
  5. I am grateful to my dear friend for recognising I was too sick to function and taking care of me. You saved my sanity there, Sister S. Thank you x o
  6. Repeat to self: I must not go right back and start overbooking myself again, now I am getting a little better. I have decided the positive way to say this shall be: I will choose how to spend my time and say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as appropriate to my state and ability.
  7. Good food is not optional and sugar is not required! Diet is surprisingly powerful. What can be caused by bad habits, can be supported, improved or maybe even cured by changing those habits. My energy is so much more constant without sugar. There are a plethora of ways to sweeten foods that don’t mess with blood sugar. Random additional symptoms have simply disappeared, in addition to my diagnosed, doctor-treated issue.
  8. I’m conscious of being lucky to be living in a country where plentiful fresh food is available in many varieties. If I need to stop eating wheat and nuts and sugar and chocolate all at the same time I am still not going to go hungry. [Later: I am also avoiding rye and red meat. Still not going to go hungry. Extremely lucky.]

Funny how when you have no energy and feel rotten the basic things can be drawn into focus. Now the trick will be to stay well AND remember =) Do-able right? Do you eat sugar or not, and how does that affect you? I would love to hear in the comments section or on Facebook!

Coming soon: Mothers Day competition – stay tuned!
Here is another lovely reminder to just be.
Take care, lovelies, and REST!