Live Bold List 13: Beauty and Truth

Hello, dear Petals of Life’s Beautiful Flower; and a warm welcome to readers new and old!

Whilst Work in Percolation is brewing on the other end of this multi-purpose gigantic table at which I sit, I offer a list themed on Beauty and Truth. I have been thinking about that quote:

Beauty is truth, truth beauty.
-George Keats

Live Bold List 13: Beauty and Truth

  1. There’s great site, Choosing Beauty, where you will find extra story to this cool video of a mural being painted as well as the story of a coincidental connection. I love art on walls! :)
  2. This link is worth taking a look just for the cool illustration. In “Happy Healthy Boobs”, Christine Kane frankly talks about how she managed to set herself up to have positive surroundings and useful feedback for her process.
  3. Are you ever mystified by teenage behaviour? This article, an interview with Frances Jensen (pediatric neurologist) gives some clear scientific insight into what is going on! The graph is interesting, it seems the white connecty stuff that makes our brain more ‘adult’ diminishes again later on. I wonder what that implies for older folk! Let’s face it, we’re all heading that way, Universe willing!
  4. I adore Sesame Street. Have been slowly making my way through their 40 year anniversary book. How cool would it be to make an animation for Sesame Street? ‘Twould be a beautiful thing.
  5. Want to take It IS Easy being Green to a whole new level? Even using 1 or 2 tips from this thorough list of 17 easy alternatives to everyday disposables would make a difference! My next step towards the Beauty of Reusability is to add to my collection of reusable glass containers. Some creative op-shopping is in my future I see!
  6. The wonderful WOMADelaide (World of Music and Dance, Adelaide) is here in only days. You can download some of the WOMAD artists’ music for free and start getting yourself ready for the beautiful chilled extravaganza of sound.

Have a beauty beautiful day,

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