Eye Music (and not)!

Hello Petals!

1 Colourful visual music (neither audible nor moving)


This photo shows 3 short stemmed flowers (they’d snapped) out of the long stemmed bunches from the Farmers Market.

2 Black and White Music (audible and with movement)

Here is a lovely example of moving art made from letters and other typographic symbols. The Nina Simone song is sweet in itself, and in Tamara Connolly’s delightful film she’s made visuals for the dreamy sound by synthesizing and animating the simple components. Love those dragonflies :)

3 Cacophony that shall become visual music


I am hesitant about pressing the ‘publish’ button and letting you see this piece of today’s creative lino reality!

I can see what needs to happen next. Like Leonardo I shall carve away that which is not the picture and reveal the picture. You can see there are the beginnings of a book at the bottom, and the rounded shapes for a cat at left. I think I’ll change the florally pattern. Sometimes pictures come from much planning and fine-tuning and other times may be formed from an as-yet unrefined collection of swirls, as in this case!

I WAS enjoying carving the grey “silk cut” lino as, even though today is chilly, the lino was allowing me to cut it very readily. But now: Oh dear – Time to stop cutting for the day! I just slipped with my lovely new sharp lino carving tools and made a small cut in my left thumb, now stoppered with a band-aid. Gee I will know about that next time I am trying to send a text message, won’t I?

I learned to spell cacophony today. The main reason I know what cacophony means is from reading Asterix comics when I was a school girl. Have you read it ever? Remember Cacofonix The Bard – the bad bard? Haha!

Thanks for coming by. Enjoy the season changing!

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