Introducing: Sage in Wedgewood

Greetings beautiful hearts!

…This is a new one for me. A bold move, if you will… I am offering an Original Pen and Watercolour drawing, drawn and painted with my hands and loving heart, signed, posted to your sweet hands, all ready to frame and hang on your wall. No digital anything with this one :)  …Except for the picture below, clearly, cos otherwise how could I show you?!!
You may recognise it from the front of my 2011 Calendar!

Sage in Wedgewood


When a beautiful friend told me that cooking with sage is helpful during menopause, I’d already started a sage border in my garden. The grey-green leaves against the softness of the classic wedgewood blue vase (which I inherited) speaks of gently, homey, calm comfort. Wonderful for a bold woman in transition, or anyone in need of grounding and support.

Click on the image to view in the Gallery Shop. If have any questions, you can check out the FAQ or email me :)

Take heart, dearheart,
Meg x o



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