Nasturtiums aplenty | AEDM #8

Hello dearhearts I have met already, and welcome new dearhearts who have come to say hi from Leah’s blog and Art Every Day Month :)

Mother nature presented me with this …nasturtiums bursting out with a clash of colour between iris leaves in dappled sun in my back garden…


I brought a variety of different coloured ones inside and dropped them in a jam jar :)


Here’s the beginnings of a drawing. You can see my dip pen and ink there on the right (inside an old ricotta container in case of spillage).
Now it needs lots and lots of colour :)

Warmth and light to you,
Love Meg x o


Nasturtiums aplenty | AEDM #8 — 11 Comments

    • Thanks for coming by, Bobbi, and for your kind comment :)
      The black outline is using “Indian Ink” and on the bottle it says: Lightfast, water resistant.
      Hope that helps!

  1. I get that jam too – and aren’t the bottles so pretty and just right for fine stemmed flowers! I put freesias in them.
    Lovely lines and I can’t wait to see this coloured!

    • Hi Bec!
      Yes the jars are a good proportion aren’t they? And with nice embossing :) I must experiment with soaking the label off, too!
      The colouring is done… Tomorrow in the daylight I shall photograph!

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