Progress report | AEDM #15

Greetings, bold readers :)

I hope this finds you productive and happy.

The unfinished drawing I uploaded a few days ago is now complete, and coloured. You may need sunglasses, it’s not traditional watercolour painting …

The moments of time that I cobbled together to do the painting were so drawn out that by the time I had finished painting the nasturtium blossoms had well and truly wilted, as you can see :( Thankfully more are blooming wonderfully outside to enjoy! And these ones will make a nice addition to the mulch :)

I am not keeping up too well with the “every day” part of the Art Every Day Month, but I shall keep trying!

Have a brilliant day (or evening, or sleep).
Love Meg x o

9 thoughts on “Progress report | AEDM #15”

  1. this is so beautiful. I admire the detail work – and done in watercolors yet! I am amazed at the control you have over your medium – do you just do one layer or do you do lots? My girlfriend who uses watercolors does layer after layer. I have no patience for that kind of repetition in a painting but love the outcome.

    1. Thanks Melissa.
      I went to visit your blog. Your illustrations are super cute, and I like the tutorial on how to make the pillow boxes :)

    1. Thanks, Ms Lady in the Grass :)
      Your paintings and drawings are good. And you have been doing a LOT better than me at keeping up with Art Every Day Month!

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