Introducing Floraline and Nasturtiums in Jam Jar

Helllooooo, wonderful ones!

Thanks for coming by… want to see my 2 latest paintings?
If we met up with each other at one of the Christmas Markets you have possibly viewed these IN REAL LIFE – in frames!

I think people must have fallen in love with Floraline, as the greeting cards that I had all got sold. Now, happily I have more printed, so go right ahead and order (see the ‘add to cart’ buttons below the pictures) :)
By the way, the greeting cards are only available from this page, til I add their buttons to the Greeting card page.



One-of-a-kind Watercolour

Add to Cart Floraline $575

Paper size: approx 28cm wide x 38cm high Image size: 22cm wide x 32cm high.

Oh most magical and blessed cat! This blue-eyed, pure white beauty wears his garlands so gracefully, don’t you agree? Nestled amongst a sea of spring nasturtiums, with an old bus stop number and prayer flags in the background, his eyes twinkle with knowing and good humour. Floral + Feline = Floraline!

Without a doubt, this image will bring a positive and calm spirit to any home.

Add to Cart Floraline – greeting card $5

Nasturtiums in Jam Jar

One-of-a-kind Watercolour

Add to Cart Nasturtiums in Jam Jar $700

Paper size: 28cm wide x 38cm high, approx Image size: 22cm wide x 32cm high.

When Mother Nature presented me with a riotous flush of spring nasturtiums, bursting from between the iris leaves in my back garden, I just had to bring a handful inside. An old apricot jam jar made the perfect vase. And that bewitching pattern from ‘Still Life with Peppers and Patterns’ continued its dance through my consciousness and into this painting.

Ideal for those who grab hold of the juiciest moments in life, by the handful!

Add to Cart Nasturtiums in Jam Jar – greeting card $5

If you are looking for these pictures in a week or 2, they will be on the New Art page.

So, I hope you guys are having a wonderful January (so far – it’s only been 5 days!). For the rest of this next month I am going to be chatting about art on tshirts, amongst other things. I have (quite) a few new happy hippy designs to show you soon. To hear about such things early (for I like to tell my friends the news first), simply sign up for my Early Bird “Friends of Tangerine Meg” mailing list. I send about 2 emails a month :)

See you soon, take care,
Meg x o


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