Versatile blogger award? Wow!

Dear Kindred Souls,

Thanks to Yvette, lactavist extraordinaire, friend & bold soul, who has bestowed the Versatile blogger tag upon me, and upon 11 others. This entails sharing 7 truths about myself and tagging 12 other bloggers who I appreciate. :) Hey bonus, 2 lists in one post!

7 Truths about myself

  1. I discovered at 45 that I enjoy goat yoghurt, goat curd, and goat milk… luckily! I’ve never really liked soy milk (apparently it’s not great for people who’ve had thyroid issues anyway) and it’s been recommended I avoid cow dairy products. Do you remember in the children’s book Heidi by Johanna Spyri, at the beginning when Heidi came to the mountains to live with Grandpapa? She (or was it her friend Clara?) got healthy by running around on the mountains with the goats and drinking goats milk? I’ve been thinking about her lately. I just need to grow my hair so I can plait it again and I shall be the Heidi of 2011.
  2. I used to plait my hair.
  3. My (Ayurvedic) Doctor, told me that I am a ‘Kapha’ and to wear bright colours. Now I have a medical reason to donate my pale or neutral clothes to the Second Hand Shop! As if I needed one :) Well, I did.
  4. I painted a raw pine shelf red last year, remember?
  5. My word for this year, if I choose to have one, might be be ‘play’ (yes in lower case) but I’m not going to decide for sure til February.
  6. My 2 favourite compliments ever (so far): When I was at my fattest, with low self esteem, the cool/naughty kid in the Grade 4 class I was helping came out with: “…you got style, Miss”. That made my day! It was years ago, and I still remember. Just last week a horticulturally-trained, farm-dwelling family member said: “You haven’t got a very big backyard, but you have a lot in it”. Leading to number 7…
  7. Our garden is kind of a linear urban orchard. Around the back yard there is a 1 to 1.5 metre wide garden, backed by the fence. In this medium suburban block I have 21 fruit trees + 2 waiting to be planted, a grape vine, sundry berry canes, and am starting to intersperse it all with strawberries, sage and other living mulch.

Thanks for playing Meet the Meg! By the way, I have 2 fluffy boy cats.

Here’s the second list…

12 Bloggers I appreciate

I would nominate the wisdom of Yvette, if I could, but I think that would go against the spirit of the thing :) Here are a handful of the other bloggers whose writings I look forward to reading:

  1. Bridget Pilloud – thoroughly intuitive, so much so that it’s what she does. Read her blog or sign up for her Soul Note daily emails. Has dogs.
  2. Tammy Vitale – Women, Art, Life. Go check out her Wylde Women’s Wisdom :) It’s good for the soul.
  3. Joy Rebel – Brandi Reynolds “dives irreverantly into art, yoga and love”. She has dogs. And a wonderful talent for photography.
  4. String Revolution – I love reading Lean’s posts, and eagerly open them them when they appear. No pets.
  5. Sankofa Song – Fabeku is a true magician of, and healer with, sound. He has useful beautiful free stuff too. And a punk rock kitten.
  6. Patty K – Patty’s journeyings through introversion and beyond shyness, and hilarious anecdotes along the way are worth subscribing for :) [later: Patty has a Jack Russell cross who allows her to live there]
  7. Smart Fresh Writing – Rebecca is an amazing wordsmith and gorgeous person. Contact her if you need clarity and writing for your business. Has 2 cats.
  8. Wabi Sabi Wishes – Jodi writes about living the joy and other realities. I was a visitor last year, the first of her “Meet and Greet” series.
  9. Found Art Project – Emme’s blog for heart centred, art centred, smile-inducing changing of the world. Let’s join in with that!
  10. Sacred Circle MandalasSue O’Keiffe makes beautiful photographic mandalas. Check out her blog for the stories behind the artworks.
  11. Daisy Mabel – Melanie blogs and creates beautiful artwork inspired by mothering. And inspiring for mothers :)
  12. Emma Tree – Thanks for the beautifully written Tales of Art and Anxiety.

This is a post for which I am pausing before clicking on Publish. Oh well, if you are reading this… then you know I did!

Tell me in the comments what you love about these guys, too. Also if I missed out anybody’s pets, let me know and I will add them :)

Take care, dear ones,
Love Meg x o


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    • Hi Patty! My pleasure. Thanks for letting me know about Milo, I shall add him in for the sake of ‘pet accuracy’ ?! :)

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