New tshirts!

Helloooo beloved kindred spirits! And another big helloooo to gorgeous new friends coming from Kind Over Matter and Wading In!

I have a good feeling about 2011. I think it’s going to be fun :)

Sometimes it’s hard to find a good tshirt, isn’t it? … I have made some I would like to wear, and I hope you might too.

I ordered some of the new pictures to test them out and the first samples have arrived… Some are ready, the printing has worked out perfectly. Others, I’m going to tweak and try again. Today I’ll show you the first batch, and the rest will follow in the fullness of time!

These 3 Tshirts Available Now :)

Stripey Peace! I have one printed on a red tshirt and it’s vibrant and happy! Photos coming soon, now I have washed the new tshirt smell out of it, and can wear it long enough to take some pictures!

orange tshirt with stripey peace sign printed on the front

Butterfly Garden This looks so good on a friend that I decided to re-release it.

blue tshirt mockup with butterfly in microcosmic garden picture with nasturtiums

Thriving Flower is pretty new – first seen late last year. This is based on the dress the woman is wearing in my Thriving lino print. It’s my new ‘happy tshirt”.

mockup of a purple tshirt with a big twiny flower printed on the front

Coming soon:

Hippy Heart, Luka (cat of light) and Henri the Rainbow Dove of Peace. Soon, soon, soon. The trial ones are in the mail already – I can hardly wait :) [Later: These are all printing beautifully now, so I have put active links on the titles. Hooray!]

Coming soon-ish:

The butterfly tshirts are going to take a little longer.


If you have questions about choosing shirts, colours, styles, the buying process and so on, check my FAQ; the Red Bubble tshirt sizing info is on the tshirt page – scroll down when ordering; remember to buy a couple of sizes bigger if you choose the the Girly Cut style (which are are super tight around the rib cage (and hence around the boobs and lungs)). Or you can email me if you need :)

Love to our brothers and sisters and Uncles and Aunties

Much love to our friends and family members in flooded areas of Australia. Our hearts are with you.

Lots of love to you,
Meg x o

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