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Hello Lovelies! I hope you are well <3

So much has happened it seems, in so little time!

My new tshirts (excepting the butterflies which are going to take a little more computer time from me) are all printing beautifully! Hooray! Art to wear! Click here to see the updated tshirt shop and to order. Here is me in my red tshirt with the peace picture:

We are thankfully over (thanks tech-hero #1) the all-night-long technical hiccup with my site in Mainentaince Mode. Yikes! Hope that didn’t clash with anyone coming to visit ;P

I was in the wonderful Kind Over Matter sponsorship party! I am sponsoring there all month. Welcome, kind lovelies! Say hi in the comments if you feel to :) And if you like, it’s easy to keep in touch… you can sign up to the RSS feed or receive free updates of these posts straight to your email inbox! I also have an early bird list who get first notice of anything and everything new I make. Oh yes, I’m on good old Facebook :)

I am doing a delightful e-course, Wading In: Dipping our Toes into Self Portraiture. Hello fellow participants! I am adoring the course so far. Lovely leader, lovely people. Fascinating process.

Such a serious self portrait. And here’s a ‘looking down’ one.

Since starting the course I’ve been noticing moments and minutae even more. I already do this, to a degree, as it’s how I make my artwork, capturing the joyous and the beautiful in the everyday. But to be able to find unique loveliness in the people, things and places that are so commonplace I almost don’t notice is wonderful. I even took a couple of pictures while commuting on the train! I’m loving learning more of seeing uniqueness, and with gentleness. And what a gift to start seeing myself with the eyes of kindness, too. I am sure we all view ourselves with compassion and clarity when we are little. I find it easy to forget. As a busy worker/mother having a photo that we like of ourselves (without our son the professional photographer needing to be involved with lighting and equipment and things) to be able to record our own presence is rather affirming.

My (other) son thinks it’s ‘not normal’ that I am wanting to take photos of him, and covers his face with his hands like a rockstar being hounded by paparazzi!

Remember last week, when I mentioned I had a medical reason to release neutral/pale clothing? Well, I still had the cute but neutral-ish top (in the second and third pictures, above). It’s cotton and is nice and cool to wear. Would you believe this? It just got washed next to a new red-dyed cotton singlet and is now strangely blotched with pink patches. I am thinking it’s the universe nudging me to ‘retire’ it! Once it’s dry we’ll see.

Did some pen and ink drawing today for the first time THIS YEAR! Hooray! ‘Twas however, disappointingly blobby and not worth showing you. I was happy though, that it was enough to remember how to do it, and to decide to go buy some new Postmans’ nibs at the art shop :)

By the way, do you love cool fonts? I found this Burtony-flavoured one called Mountains of Christmas. Isn’t it lovely?

Why am I hesitating so before clicking ‘publish’? Be sweet to me, dears … oh well, here goes!

Hope you are ridiculously well, and happy,
Love Meg x o

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