Bold shirt, bold soul

Dear Bunnies of Honey,

While the tsirt giveaway is running I thought you might like to meet and be inspired by Yvette, a Bold Soul in so many ways. Oh gosh, How brilliant is this photo? I don’t know if I love the tshirt or the umbrella, the purple pants or Yvette’s smile the most… all of them together I think!

A quintessential bold soul, Yvette (you can find Yvette’s blog here) had this to say when I asked her about her Rainbow Lady shirt:

What do you ‘specially enjoy doing whilst wearing your shirt?
I wear this shirt to yoga class, as well as out and about on my days off.

Which design did you get? Why did you choose that one?
Rainbow Lady – she spoke to me as soon as I saw her! And I was so happy to get her on an orange shirt – I hate white tshirts.

How did you find the print after seeing it on screen?
It was so true to the image!

Does it wash easily?
Yes, better than many tshirts. It holds its shape really well.

Would you like to comment about Red Bubbles service or mine?
Both were very efficient

What’s your favourite compliment you’ve received while wearing it?
I always get comments! People love the Rainbow Lady and always ask where I got it. I need business cards for my handbag! [I’ll have to send you some, Yvette!]

Why are you a bold soul? And how does the shirt reflect that?
I believe life is too short to be black and white. I surround myself with colour and this includes my clothing. I think the colours around us affect our mood and if everyone is wearing dark colours, it sets a dark mood across the community. I try to break that up and it always brings a smile from strangers.
I am exploring my artistic self and Tangerine Meg’s artworks inspire me. Wearable art means mobile inspiration!

Yvette, you are awesome! Thank you so much for sending the wonderful photo and answering my questions x o

Enter the giveaway if you haven’t yet, lovelies, won’t you? It’s so exciting :) I’m excited!

Be talking to you bright sparkles very soon.
Meg (aka. Maple Syrup Bunny) x o

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