Joyful! joyful! Tank we adore thee!

Hello fabulous ones!
I hope you are as well as well can be, seeing progress in your endeavours, and contended.

Joy for tank

ariborne me beside new shiny new tank

Well, hooray!

This week our community garden site saw the installation of our first rainwater tank. After many months of enthusiastic planning we are excited to have the first physical manifestation of our vision. [Apologies for using the word manifestation, I needed it there.] Yes, that is me jumping… I learned how to use my camera’s timer!

The reason we got shiny silver and not a pretty colour is because we are planning an art project of some kind on the side of the tank, so the colour won’t show, and apparently silver is cheaper. Doesn’t it utterly reek of potential?

Now all we need is some plumbing and some rain. Hopefully in that order!

Talk to you soon,
Love Meg x o

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