Vision board boldness

Happy, happy hellooooooo!

Technical troubles all resolved. Joyful celebration…Tangerine Meg twirling in front of a butterfly background, the title reads "Vision Board Boldness", Tangerine MegY’know how I said I needed to do a personal vision board for 2011 before i could hope to do a Right Brain business plan? D’ya wanna see? Do ya? Do ya?
Please, no remarks about the fact that it’s already April. I’m acutely aware of this.

Here is in an up high shot during the gathering of delectables process. I had done some good tearing and choosing, and was planning to use that nice purple as a background board.

vision board in progress

I used neither that red sparkly stuff nor the purple backing board (’twasn’t big enough) after all. Here it is in it’s glorious almost-finality…

snap shot of a vision board collage with a white background and many cuttings from magazines of pictures, words and phrases

Thank you to Bridget Pilloud, who gave us that cool red circle/button that is in the middle, “Good energy. Sexy. Yes You”. It just fitted the photo of the lady with the upstretched arms. And is also the heart of the matter :)

This big white smorgasbord of wonder was too unstable to stand up, and too big for anyspace in my office, so I photographed it. Now it’s my computer desktop. Thank you to Jenn Lee and her Right Brain Business Plan for that neat suggestion.

I barely have words to tell you how much happier and more focussed I am choosing the activities that make up my days, now that I’ve been through the process of building this collage of heart-searched intentions.
It is indeed April, but I don’t think this would have been the result had I tried to make it earlier (say March, haha). Oh well, what does it matter if my world doesn’t correlate to a calendar year?
By the way, I am wondering if there’s another name for a Vision Board. What do you call yours? Let me know in the Comments section below, or at my Facebook Tangerine Meg Visual Artist page.

This is the cover of my personal yearly workbook, and what I used some of the red sparkly for, after all.

This pretty book contains the excellent questions posed by Goddess Leonie in her 2011 workbook, and my answers to the ones that called out to me (most of them). A concurrent project of soul searching that was similarly liberating :)
I’m not sure I’m going to have a Word of the Year for 2011. I’ve had a few contenders, but nothing that’s right right right.

SOON SOON SOON (Oh – I sound like the Nanny in Eloise) I will share with you all the details of new artwork and services that I have in the planning! For now suffice to say I am MIGHTY EXCITED. You know a gal’s excited when she uses ALL CAPS ‘specially when she has studied bauhaus and attempted to absorb and use their teachings on legibility and simplicity! Eep!

Much done. Hooray and happy!
More to do! Also hooray and happy!
Much anticipation. And conversely, terror. Let’s rename ‘terror’ as ‘extreme excitement’, shall we? Hooray!

See you soon,
Happy Meg x o


Tangerine Meg twirling in front of a butterfly background, the title reads "Vision Board Boldness", Tangerine Meg


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  2. I’ll need to get a shot of me with my arms stretched joyously up like that, to fit right in the middle ‘person’ spot, won’t I?
    The pen is a ‘dip pen’ with a ‘post office’ nib! Old school, huh? Got it from the Art Supplies store. You also need actual ink to write/draw with! I use lightfast water resistant (Indian?) Ink.

  3. What a wonderful vision board! I’ve been making vision pages – each themed (garden, house, room, windows) and haven’t done a full one for about 5 years. Yours make me think its time….Here’s a trick. Instead of a random picture in the middle, put your own there (I know you have glorious pictures of you because I’ve seen them here!) so that it is YOU in the middle of it all. I’m going to try that. I did myself as the center of a flower recently and liked that a lot. Thanks for reminding me of the power of visioning/dreaming. Hugs to you!

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