I’m giving up

Hi Lovelies!

I’m glad you clicked through as the post title today could be seen as a little negative! Never fear! Read on…

I’m giving up:

  1. being sorry or disgusted that my body isn’t like the ones in the photoshopped photos in magazines. It is real and I live in it and it works. Lucky lucky me. Thanks Universe :) In fact I think I’ll stop buying those magazines altogether.
  2. living by what other people (might) think. I don’t even know what other people think. It’s an exercise of the imagination. I love to hear what people really think, but I’m not going to second-guess any more and imagine they’re being judgmental. They’re probably just lost in their own thoughts, like I am.
  3. wanting to do things how ‘most’ people do things. I’m really not a standard 9 – 5, Monday to Friday person. Maybe you’re not either. I like my part time job (I’m pretty sure I have the best boss in the world). I also like not needing to wear a suit or some kind of uniform to work, or anywhere. And I like making art for you on the other days. Barbara Sher opened my eyes up to the potential for that kind of lovely mixing and matching :)
  4. not telling people when I admire them. I’m done holding back cos I think it wont have an impact or will be clumsily expressed. A simple comment makes a difference to my day and I’ll bet it does for others, too.
  5. thinking other people have already done this, so I should wait till I think of something Completely Original before I even try. If I was sticking with that theory this post would not have been published. Our activities are often similar. I guess what makes ours unique is doing them in our own way from our own perspective.

I intend on continuing to:

  1. care about and enjoy people. I am absolutely fascinated by everyone’s different passions, abilities, ways of learning, stories and so much more. Hooray for the discovery that I am an introvert and not a misanthropist!
  2. fight for the environment. This is our ship. Why do we keep thinking we can get away with lifting up the deck and hiding our rubbish under there?
  3. learn about and work on my health and fitness. This actually keeps me happy too. This miraculous body I inhabit functions better chemically when I do regular exercise (although it sounds yawny it’s really not) and eat right for me.
  4. adore and delight in colour. Need I say more, bold souls?
  5. appreciate life. Lucky lucky lucky.
  6. believe we really can build external peace if we are true to our nature internally. I am pretty sure we all can get along if we choose to.
  7. be inspired by you :) Thanks for being here. I love your energy.
  8. appreciate wonderfulness. So much to do and see and make. Let’s enjoy this ride!

Let me know in the comments section below, or on my Facebook page: What have you given up, or decided to continue to do? Be bold :)

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Much love,
Meg x o