He’s leaving home, bye bye…

Hi Lovelies!

Things are changing here. Son #1 is grown and is moving to Sydney (the biggest city in Australia, 3 hours away by plane). This is one of my favourite pictures of him, taken 10 years ago.

I’ve been anticipating this all through the planning.
I know it’s a wonderful thing to have raised him to be independant.
I know I can visit him easily and even cheaply. I know I will.
I know he will dance and do wonderful things.
I feel like it was nice of him to let me parent him a last little bit in the past months, as he asked for guidance with moving and flying and packing and things.
I have another son who is still living at home, so I’m not completely in an empty nest. And of course I have cats and a lovely husband.
There’s a part of me that’s kind of light.

But a piece of my heart is flying tomorrow to a whole other city to live. So for now:

Aaaaaa-arooo-ooooooooooooOO…. (imagine the sound of a mother wolf howling)

*choke, gasp, inhale*

Love Meg x o