Work in progress: Sage in Wedding Cup

Hellooooo dearhearts!
Thank you so much for coming. I am glad to ‘see’ you x x o o

Here are some sneak peaks of my next picture. It’s part of my Sage Series and is called Sage in Wedding Cup. Here is an in-progress shot of me painting a patterned section.

hand painting leafy pattern with fine brushGosh, how deliciousy squeezy yummy wonderful is colour? Mmmm…
Incidentally, do you like my blue nail polish? It’s still on since I painted my nails for photographs of my new “Phoenix Feather” gloves wrist warmers:

I bought them from this beautiful etsy shop. As they are not symmetrical in colour I did my left hand finger nails in red and right in blue!

Here’s an almost-finished section of Sage in Wedding Cup:

almost finished section of painting with sage in a cup and patternsWell, my dears, she is finished now, and will be for sale early next week as an original (just one!) or as a Fine Art Print. Oh, and also greeting cards.
I hope all this sage imparts me with a bit of wisdom, haha!

Did you see my Rainbow Lady image in this gorgeous rainbow treasury on etsy? Thanks to Rotifera for including me.

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Have a delicious week,
Meg x o


Work in progress: Sage in Wedding Cup — 2 Comments

  1. For the teeny tiny spaces I use a matching teeny tiny paintbrush!
    Yes, the lines are done first, with a waterfast ink. Then I either colour inside or outside of the lines :)
    You have 10 colours of polish? That’s awesome! Yey for rainbow toes. I must do my toes too, the colours are wearing off.

  2. you do those little teeny tiny spaces with a *paintbrush*??!! I stand in awe. Tell me how you do your lines – with a pen first? I’m so intrigued by your patterns. And your wrist warmers – I like the concept but get cold fingers in the winter (we’re moving into summer. Finally!). And your fingernail polish – I once did each of my toes a different color – Highly recommend it!

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