Bold apron string cutting for bold muggles

Dear huggable muggles :)

Maybe this finds you lulled by to the sound of an enchanting cat, purring, and I hope you are likewise content your bold self.

As you know, recently my older son, also a muggle, moved far far away. I don’t think he would mind if I showed you this series of quick tiny drawings I did for him, about how to:


Organise the apron, and some scissors:


Snip those strings:


And viola!


…After a lovely murmur of appreciation and a pause, the question came: What is the reference to ‘apron strings’?

In other, post apron string pruning, news:
If you want to see, I have uploaded the final painting of Sage in Wedding Cup [not currently available, link removed] as well as one I had finished a month or 2 ago: Pink Bowl and Strawberries. *sigh* I remember the strawberry season. Also notice the new technology I have there, where you can click and be taken right to that exact part of the page. Neat, huh?
You might have noticed, particularly if you have a goodly sized computer screen, that I am experimenting with the wallpaper here, too! What do you think?

Have a magical rest-of-the-week,
Love Meg, bold muggle x o

2 thoughts on “Bold apron string cutting for bold muggles”

  1. Tangerine Meg

    Hi Tammy :)
    I am sure the other generations know a ton of references that we don’t, too!
    Thanks for your positive feedback on the wallpaper!
    Love Meg x o

  2. he didn’t know the reference to apron strings? Wow! Isn’t it funny how times and sayings change?!

    Oh – and I LOVE THE WALLPAPER!!!!!

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