My friend turned into a guinea pig

Hey there bold souls!

Well, she KIND OF ‘turned into’ a guinea pig…
I’m definitely not putting my friend Poppy into a small slightly-rotting-lettuce-smelling cage and expecting her to live on pellets and kitchen scraps. No! We are having some fun experimenting with the New Thing I am Offering: Custom Cats. She is kindly letting me test out the process on her. See? Like a guinea pig, but a human, volunteer one!

When I do your Custom Cat Art, it’s not going to be able to include joining each other for a cup of tea unfortunately, for bold souls come from many corners of the world. But Poppy road tested the questionnaire – it needs some fine tuning! – and we snapped moggy shots just as you will.

Here’s one of the shots we took. It’s cool in it’s own right, isn’t it? But not suitable for the Cat Portraiture task. I’m going to need more detail than that!

Here is Poppy reading the questionnaire. See what a calm and pleasant a task it is with a cup of tea in hand?

Now I get to play with the photos and see what we can do. Signing off from This is Way Too Much Fun Land…

* No harm was done to either moggies, guinea pigs or human guinea pigs during the making of this blog post.

Stay tuned…
Much love,
Meg x o