Colours of pears

Dear bold souls,

Hope this finds you content and well =)

I’ve just finished (printing and) painting a short lino print edition: Three Pears. You’ve seen them before but I decided I needed to re-do the whole thing on awesome Arches watercolour paper.

Can you see the difference between the way the left and right paper types hold the paint? (Apart from the cleaner lino printing on the right.) As soon as I scan one I will upload the singing, upgraded version.

Thought you might like to see this funny note I wrote to myself back when I had the pears in front of me and was initially thinking about colours and composition.

Just as well I did. It took some time to get through the processes of: design, cut, print and paint, print all over again on the excellent paper, and paint again!

Ironically, at the moment I am not at liberty to eat pears, as I am doing a Low FODMAPs eating plan to help my digestion work better, and pears are high FODMAPs! I shall have to enjoy the memory of their colour, and simply imagine that granular juicy sweetness :)

I’m joining in with this fun Liberate Your Art postcard swap. Creative people who have the means to create postcards of their makings, are doing a massive international swap during July. The coordinator, Kat, says if there are 200+ participants, she will also send everyone one of her postcards! So if you’d like to join in, do so by June 4!

Have a great week. If you are anywhere near me I offer “keep warm”, but if you are not I offer “keep comfortable”! And everywhere: stay happy :)

See you soon,
Heart Meg x o

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