Where I'm at. Learning, growing, buying socks.

Hey gorgeouses! :)

I am bursting so show you my new Sock Dreams socks:

Are they not lovely? Those middle flowery ones (one pair for me and one for mum) definitely qualify as art to wear on your feet – just as gorgeous in real life as I had hoped – and those recycled cotton rainbow ones are super long. They call them OTK, Over The Knee! I chose mostly cotton pairs, and they’re all really comfy. They included a cute sticker and personalised the invoice with cool hand-lettering. The whole parcel made me smile :)
It’s suddenly gotten icy chilly here, so I have – of pure necessity ;) – put in another order immediately, this time for some wool socks, to keep my bold little toes warm!

These are some kind of early chrysanthemum from the Farmers Market. That Sunday was pretty hot and things had gotten a little stuffy and dull. Here was the remedy:

Bringing in flowers is one of the choices I am learning to make more often! Don’t you think colour and leafy growth radiate enlivening energy into the surrounding space?

Don’t know if this will have the same effect on your screen, but this photo with the lovely blues in it gives me a sense of vertigo! I like the way the flowers look a bit like stars too.

Til I see you next, keep me in mind if you need a special gift of art for someone, even yourself :) or greeting cards or a calendar, won’t you, lovelies? I’d really appreciate it!

Keep warm,
Love Meg x o