Evolution of a bold soul

Hey Lovelies!
Virtual hugs!
Thanks for coming :) I’ll put the kettle on…

A little about me (eep!) – a work in progress! I found this picture again just recently:

[Apologies: WordPress has lost this picture – and so have I!]

Probably taken about 10 years ago, here I was, an unsure, plump single mother in a new house, wondering if I would ever get anything right ever. It feels like it’s from another world and the sepia treatment of the photo seems to add to that.

Fast forward >>> This pic is from a (put a price on carbon) rally and also a costume party this past weekend (and no, ’tis not my real hair!):


That sign cracks me up every time I read it :)
My lovely husband, also dressed as a pirate, is cropped out of the photo for the sake of his piracy privacy, but for the record his sign read: “No more corporate piracy of our environment”. You can see the toe of his deck shoes, and a bit of his arm, hand and cutlass.

I am learning that though I train at circus training class, I don’t specially desire to perform. Though I don’t specially desire to perform, I quite like getting dressed up. There is some safety as well as liberation in being yourself, yet not.
I admire those who have that gift to entertain and perform. But for me it’s a skill so far from my comfort zone as to induce a desire to crawl immediately into a pirate private cave and remove myself from the sight of all, and also, dread.

Remember when I dressed up as a punk? I just re-read that post and realised that I had already begun noticing this a few years ago. Need to make note of this, and remember!
At that time I even blurred out my face, and next to that is my fully visible visage on the right of my current site! Haven’t I have come a long way! Oh well, I’m glad I started blogging, and am grateful to have learned and changed along the way.

I am thinking about making a new downloadable gifty freebie thingy for you guys, and also about useful discounts, and would be interested to hear your suggestions … In the meantime have you availed yourself of the printable book plates? Go check them out :)

By the way, how do you feel about getting into costume and/or performing? Let me know in the comments section below, or on my Facebook Visual ARRrtist page :)

I hope you are comfortable and happy,
See you soon.
Love Meg x o


3 thoughts on “Evolution of a bold soul”

  1. p.s. – do you use wordpress? I really like that “Tammy Vitale’s last blog…” appended at the end of my comment and would love to do the same on my blog!

  2. you were unsure and yet there you are, 10 years ago, looking straight into the camera. I would so love to meet you face to face for a real hug – you light up my world!
    So dress up – I did a 60s dress up this past weekend for a party (teased hair, long skirt, blue eye shadow) and was really uncomfortable. But I’m also really uncomfortable everytime I watch one of my (2) vlogs with me in front of the camera. I actually posted one of those (the spiral path one) on my 45th HS reunion profile. Talk about scarey. But you have to do these things because what’s scared in my case is my ego which isn’t especially fond of the mirror these days. Ego just has to get over it because spirits trumps ego and says “Onward.” Aren’t the bookplates gifty freebie thingies? Much love to the indominatable spirit that springs forth from these pages!

    1. Tangerine Meg

      Your dress up sounds like fun! Spirit (sacred) trumps ego (scared) – you’re right!
      Thanks for your indomitability, yourself, dear Tammy :)

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