Evolution of a bold soul

Hey Lovelies!
Virtual hugs!
Thanks for coming :) I’ll put the kettle on…

A little about me (eep!) – a work in progress! I found this picture again just recently:

[Apologies: WordPress has lost this picture – and so have I!]

Probably taken about 10 years ago, here I was, an unsure, plump single mother in a new house, wondering if I would ever get anything right ever. It feels like it’s from another world and the sepia treatment of the photo seems to add to that.

Fast forward >>> This pic is from a (put a price on carbon) rally and also a costume party this past weekend (and no, ’tis not my real hair!):


That sign cracks me up every time I read it :)
My lovely husband, also dressed as a pirate, is cropped out of the photo for the sake of his piracy privacy, but for the record his sign read: “No more corporate piracy of our environment”. You can see the toe of his deck shoes, and a bit of his arm, hand and cutlass.

I am learning that though I train at circus training class, I don’t specially desire to perform. Though I don’t specially desire to perform, I quite like getting dressed up. There is some safety as well as liberation in being yourself, yet not.
I admire those who have that gift to entertain and perform. But for me it’s a skill so far from my comfort zone as to induce a desire to crawl immediately into a pirate private cave and remove myself from the sight of all, and also, dread.

Remember when I dressed up as a punk? I just re-read that post and realised that I had already begun noticing this a few years ago. Need to make note of this, and remember!
At that time I even blurred out my face, and next to that is my fully visible visage on the right of my current site! Haven’t I have come a long way! Oh well, I’m glad I started blogging, and am grateful to have learned and changed along the way.

I am thinking about making a new downloadable gifty freebie thingy for you guys, and also about useful discounts, and would be interested to hear your suggestions … In the meantime have you availed yourself of the printable book plates? Go check them out :)

By the way, how do you feel about getting into costume and/or performing? Let me know in the comments section below, or on my Facebook Visual ARRrtist page :)

I hope you are comfortable and happy,
See you soon.
Love Meg x o