Dear Bold Souls

Dearest Bold Souls,
I so cherish and admire you all!
This is what some bold souls say to (or about) me, followed by what I say to you, dear bold soul :)
Love the beautiful smiles on these bold souls…

I have had Meg’s beautiful art work displayed in my home for the last 17 years,
and I love it!  In addition I always keep a selection of Meg’s cards on hand and
enjoy giving them to friends on special occasions. It is always a pleasure to
catch up with Meg and to see her latest creations.
Love Anthea XX


Meg is wonderful – she has such great energy I can feel it all the way from Australia – I hope you took a minute to check out her art. It is the kind of art you can live with everyday and everyday it will make you smile!- Tammy Vitale 


Here is Louise holding in her hands the last of the lino print edition “A Cat Named Magpie”! Now you know it’s gone to a good home :)

The prints are truly more vibrant and lovely than I even imagined — I’m beyond honoured to hang these in my humble abode. They really are going to bring a bold and nourishing splash of colour to our lives.
Bec Leigh

Thanks Bold Souls, for:

  • having the courage it takes to sign up to a random Australian colour-enthusiast art lady’s blog, trusting that I might write something worth reading, or making some art that’s worth looking at
  • connecting at art markets and online, with your kind comments you frequently make my day
  • your delight at things human, funny and beautiful
  • that special big-heartedness you show when you choose something for a friend that you like too; you know you’re going to give it away and you find joy, too, in the giving
  • drinking in with your eyes colour combinations that you won’t see in any civilised magazine (unless it’s an amazingly good magazine. Haha!)
  • your courage to be vibrant and optimistic when many are muttering ‘Global Financial Crisis’ and ‘The End is Nigh’
  • speaking up on behalf of those who cannot, when speaking up is needed
  • taking care of children, and importantly the child within yourself who breathes in and smiles at the goodness of living each day
  • for coming and keeping me company on this journey through art and through life. I am totally touched to have you on this beautiful path along with me

Tons of love,
Meg x o