Dear Bold Souls

Dearest Bold Souls,
I so cherish and admire you all!
This is what some bold souls say to (or about) me, followed by what I say to you, dear bold soul :)
Love the beautiful smiles on these bold souls…

I have had Meg’s beautiful art work displayed in my home for the last 17 years,
and I love it!  In addition I always keep a selection of Meg’s cards on hand and
enjoy giving them to friends on special occasions. It is always a pleasure to
catch up with Meg and to see her latest creations.
Love Anthea XX


Meg is wonderful – she has such great energy I can feel it all the way from Australia – I hope you took a minute to check out her art. It is the kind of art you can live with everyday and everyday it will make you smile!- Tammy Vitale 


Here is Louise holding in her hands the last of the lino print edition “A Cat Named Magpie”! Now you know it’s gone to a good home :)

The prints are truly more vibrant and lovely than I even imagined — I’m beyond honoured to hang these in my humble abode. They really are going to bring a bold and nourishing splash of colour to our lives.
Bec Leigh

Thanks Bold Souls, for:

  • having the courage it takes to sign up to a random Australian colour-enthusiast art lady’s blog, trusting that I might write something worth reading, or making some art that’s worth looking at
  • connecting at art markets and online, with your kind comments you frequently make my day
  • your delight at things human, funny and beautiful
  • that special big-heartedness you show when you choose something for a friend that you like too; you know you’re going to give it away and you find joy, too, in the giving
  • drinking in with your eyes colour combinations that you won’t see in any civilised magazine (unless it’s an amazingly good magazine. Haha!)
  • your courage to be vibrant and optimistic when many are muttering ‘Global Financial Crisis’ and ‘The End is Nigh’
  • speaking up on behalf of those who cannot, when speaking up is needed
  • taking care of children, and importantly the child within yourself who breathes in and smiles at the goodness of living each day
  • for coming and keeping me company on this journey through art and through life. I am totally touched to have you on this beautiful path along with me

Tons of love,
Meg x o


Dear Bold Souls — 4 Comments

  1. The light and love is boomeranged right back you my dear Meg. I have a collage of your cards on my bookcase in my bedroom. It is one of the first things I see on my way to my morning coffee. How can I have a bad day when I get to see such color, light, and vibrancy in the early morning?!?! Love to you my friend.

    • Dear Deanna x o :)
      I have a big feeling this week of kindred spirits coming together and your kindness is one of the beautiful pieces of that sense of gathering. Hugs, lovely one!

  2. tons of love right back atcha! Have I mentioned that I LOVE my t-shirt? Just in case I haven’t…I LOVE MY T-SHIRT!!!!

    • …And I LOVE MY NECKLACE: “Change the rules” Yes, indeed! x o
      (By the way, I notice your latest blog posts are coming up at the end of your comments now.)

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