Winter headway

Hey Lovelies!

Hope this finds you basking in rays of goodness and sunshine, at least on the inside :)

I have a progress report on my first official Custom Cats portrait. Starting from this photo and a few others of Katie cat …

… I did this drawing:

Oops, I had started to paint before I remembered to take the photograph!

That’s all for today! To be continued (next time).

Part of me wishes I was the sparky, stripey girl from my bike post. In reality, today I’m not, today I’m fighting a lurgy. That’s even though I don’t believe in lurgies – I believe in supporting my immune system! For me, today is a wheezy, track pant and woolly scarf and cardy wearing, homeopathic remedy drinking, fresh citrus appreciation day! On the weekend I was considering posting on Facebook my delight at my neighbour’s fresh mandarins – the first from a home garden I can ever remember tasting – oh the sweet sweet awesome! I never got around to it, but I did wonder what ads I would get, if I posted: Home-grown mandarin virgin.

Did I mention the appreciation of citrus?

Oh well, I really can’t be too sorry about situations that require more Star Gate (I’ve started on SG-1 Series 4) and Barbara Kingsolver (The Lacuna) time.

Despite the lurgy (or run-down-ness) I am lucky enough to have something to smile about – look what arrived:

… I am very excited to be so official, at last :)
And look at that lovely mid-Winter blue sky! We’re lucky to have some warm sunshiny days in between our tank-filling rain.

No steak knives here, but there is a little bit more …
There is juicy lino print goodness is in the making:

Much as I’d love to show you more, I don’t want to somehow jinx it! You can see there’s a sleeping cat involved though, right? I am envisioning the colour goodness that shall ensue, and I realised today that this picture is overtaking some other ones that have been much longer in the pipeline. Not that it’s a race!

Wishing you a sweet juicy week, with plenty of ellipses …
Love Meg x o

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