Love letter to watercolour paints

Hello possums!
This could seem a little bit private, but I’m ok with it if you want to read it :)
Love Meg x o

Dearest watercolours,

The joy you give me starts in my eyes, but you make my heart and brain dance.

My art mentor brought me up to know that “… anything you can do with oils you can do with watercolours, but the reverse is not true”. It turns out that there is plenty in your repertoire to keep me interested for years and years and years, without boredom and certainly without my attention straying.

I love that you are, with care, unwavering in your loveliness once painted. You have archival properties equal to any other medium :)

There are new brands of cheap paints – named after famous artists, eep! – aimed at people who want to operate from only budget thinking. You, Winsor and Newton watercolours, are timeless, concentrated, well worth what I invest in you. Each moment I work with you I silently rejoicing in wonder.

The colours of you I have in tubes are able to make the things and ideas I want to paint be real and vibrant. Thank you for helping me express myself. I appreciate that you’re able to be activated with just a brush and the addition of clear water.

You don’t seem to judge me whether I use you for watercolour paintings or to paint lino prints. I don’t know anyone else who paints their prints with watercolours, but you are steadfastly there for me despite my unusual ways.

I know you are particular about which side of the paper I should paint on with you. Or is it that I am particular about bringing out your brilliant best?

I see a long, bright future together, watercolour paints, whatever else shall come or go I know we will be there helping each other be our boldest.

You, along with technology allow me to share my art, my joy; Thanks for the part you play in that. I adore you for believing in me, for your unfaltering colourful support.

Yours very truly,
Tangerine Meg x o


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