Custom Cats break free!

Hey beautifuls :) x o

Would you like to see the unfolding of a custom cats painting? I talked about the start of the Custom Cats process here. Here’s the next chapter. First, the pen drawing (well, there was a rough draft stage before this, but that doesn’t photograph too well).

black outline drawing of cat in a garden with poppies and nasturtiums
Oops! I had started to paint before I remembered to photograph this stage!

That picture is heavenly – the composition is beautiful – and of course the poppies…what can I say! I CANNOT WAIT to see the finished vision!
Your talent is amazing!

I wanted the poppies to be a little iridescent and the sky to glow around Katie cat’s head.

“At this point, I am finding the process intriguing – the idea of taking the real image of a cherished friend and surrounding that image in a surreal and breath taking background of flowers, sky and colour fascinates me. Not only is the subject of emotional significance but so are the poppies – my favourite flower and my name sake! Brilliant and a piece to cherish for ever!

Almost finished now…

I am so happy with the way you have consulted and made sure that I like how things are unfolding – to witness the process from start to finish makes me appreciate the talent involved in the work even more.”

It’s definitely not a copy of the any of the photos we took, is it?

Hope you liked this excursion through a Custom Cat portrait being made.
See you next time,
Lots of love,
Meg x o

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