Postcards, blue and orange days and letting go of ninja aspirations

Hey beautiful dearhearts! Mwah! Hugs :)

So good to ‘see’ you! Hope this finds you well and happy, and immersed in the wonder of your day.
Little bits of progress to report today…

Remember I am going in this postcard swap?

Check out this blog post from the organiser Kat, from Kat Eye View. She says the postcards for the swap have started to arrive! I’ve sent mine, and I think it might be the higher of the 2 blue envelopes, it looks about the right colour. (Not the patterned blue one under the big puffy yellow envelope.) Check out all those beautifully decorated envelopes!

Cream dream jonquils You know I wouldn’t post something that was coloured ‘cream’ unless I had a good reason don’t you?

It’s just that I so wish I could somehow, technologically or magically, send you the wonderful scent of them. Can you imagine their sweet welcome perfume, like a sign of hope and sunny days after a cold wet sick Winter? Breathe it in.

Internet Blues *sigh* Do you get the internet blues sometimes? Sometimes when I spend a lot of time on the net, and not enough in the real world, I feel like ‘A Person Who Has Achieved Virtually Nothing’, ‘Has No Social Skills’ and is ‘Not Good Enough’. I don’t know how I get to feel that way, but when it happens I must gather my strength and walk away from Facebook and the internet for a while before it sucks my tender heart down it’s pixelated greedy throat. I actually have hardly been on the ‘net for about 2 days (woah! 2 whole days! Lucky I wasn’t a cave person with no ‘net at all, hey?) Haha! And I was only able to write this post after having that break!

Op Shop Oranges (as opposed to the blues, but including blue hues). Look at this nice china platter I found today at an Op’ Shop:

It reminds me of when I was going to design school. That arranging-things-in-rows style was in fashion then, the 80s! I still like all the bright colours popping out against the white. Do you think this one could possibly be a tangerine?…

Mysterious busy-ness I have 3 new big and exciting projects on the go (besides the community garden and sundry work, home, family and health management activities!) all keeping me busy. They aren’t finalised/confirmed yet so I can’t tell you details. Suffice to say, one is to do with applying for a grant, one is very rainbowy, and one is related to new technology. I will keep you posted as they unfold.

Oh, and about my fading ninja aspirations?
I had thought about being a ninja (y’know, when I grow up), but…

I’m just not prepared to relinquish the small jingly bells on my slippers. Even if the ‘silenty’ thing rules it out for me, I don’t think I have the resolve to be in that line of work for a few other reasons too! Jingle jingle!

By the way, did you see my new cute ‘ad’ for my Gifts For You page?

I hope that you’ve checked them out and availed yourself of my downloadable printable bookplates :) (You don’t have to key in your email address). Here is my (even newer) button for my Greeting Card page:

Do you need any lush, bold greeting cards? If your order is over $45 it includes free postage anywhere in the world, by the way :)

Talking about making some changes with internet habits, as we were a mere moment ago… My husband has been saying I should try out Google+ (‘like’ Facebook but not ‘by’ Facebook). Do any of you bold souls think you might give it a try?

Let me know about your internet blues if you want (if you are even on the internet reading this!) and about Google+ (tried it? like it? don’t like it? can’t be bothered moving?) in the comments section below.

Tons of love,
Meg x o


Postcards, blue and orange days and letting go of ninja aspirations — 3 Comments

  1. I must say that I totally know what you are describing when it comes to too much ‘virtual life’. I have been on a hiatus from facebook for a few months now (still get some notifications through email and once in a while I reply to them). It was a well needed break and now seems strange to re-enter.

    And yes, I think it is most definitely a tangerine!!

    • HI Lovelies!
      So glad you can relate on the FB/internet blues, but sorry you have to put up with it too!
      Deanna: That hiatus sounds like it was a good idea. I do understand the wish to come back and reconnect with everyone, though. Do you think it is possible to access FB in a measured way? I am not sure at the moment!
      Gilly: I think we should deem it “GoogleBook” and boldly have a look at it together – for moral support!
      Have a happy week, on or off the computer, dear ones :)
      Love Tangerine Meg x o

  2. Perfect read for a Blue Day thanks to the internet – Yes I do think the fruit could be a Tangerine !
    My son has looked at Google facebooky thing and I might give it a go but the fear of unknown and maybe the technology itself may be stopping me . I need a good Advocate to help me decide.

    looking forward to brighter days
    much love

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