Exhibitions and appreciation

Hey beautifuls!
I truly hope you are enjoying yourselves, getting the most out of each day life is serving you :)
Here’s my latest news:
On Sunday, I went to the launch of a SALA (South Australian Living Artists) exhibition that I have a picture in. It’s themed around any part of the phrase “Mad Hatters Tea Party”; I had Sage in Wedding Cup framed for the event:

In that photo, you can see the lights, pictures on the opposite wall and some of the other people, in the reflections in the glass!
I wore my pirate boots, and I also had my rainbow stripey socks on, to help me feel happy and reassured in case I was a bit overwhelmed by all the people, which I wasn’t. Everyone was lovely, and many had fancy and very cool hats on.
Adelaide people, this exhibition is on all month at Pepper St Art Centre, Magill. Go see if you like – you can see my picture in real life (instead of on your computer screen) and there are lots of other cool pictures, teapots, pieces of jewellery, hats and tea cosies. Fun!

I went to another cool exhibition, one I didn’t have a piece in! A group of people have used Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings to construct some of his inventions out of the materials of his time, and you could have a go at some of them. He was so prolific (there are thousands of notebooks still in existance but they think that’s about 25% of the total he had filled) and, with hindsight, clearly ahead of his time (did you know he invented the floating life preserver?); he was a painter, inventor, engineer and so much more. I am sure you know all these things about him, too, but it was a quite wonderful to imagine while actually turning the wooden handle of something he had designed so long ago. I was prompted to sigh a big happy sigh, and I bought a small thick book about the Mona Lisa to read some more about him.

Out running and walking this week I was intrigued by this plant on someone’s fence. In this photo it looks like a sea of leafy growth, I think, with intermittent flowers bursting out like fish making orange splashes:

I was almost pointing the camera into the sun, I think that’s why it’s a bit foggy looking.

I have not adjusted the colours in this next photo! How amazing is the vibrance and energy! How does nature make such a preposterous marvel?

I think it looks like some kind of plant-y firework show!

I am doing a wonderful course, Foundations, with Catherine Caine. So you can expect me to be even more me: more colourful, more keen on you being even more your wonderful selves, more curious, more green…
2 of my favourite quotes happen to be on that very topic:
“When you find out who you are, turn up the volume” – Michael Bungay Stanier
“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” – Dr. Seuss

If you’re following the postcard swap, the story continues :)

Petals and honeybees, I hope you have a beautiful and awesome week, I will be thinking of you. Let me know in the comments section: What are you going to do to turn up your you-est you volume? I’d love to hear…

Next time: show and tell of my new bike accessories, see you then :)

Much love,
Meg x o

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