Pedal power, petals, but a bit of battery

Hey lovelies,

Remember I wrote a few weeks ago about how I make cycling joyous for me?

I bought an electric bike (ebike)! It’s my new car really, and will extend my range noticably and be especially welcome at nights, when it’s raining and when going UP HILLS!Header image for "Pedal Power plus battery" featuring flower drawings and chunky font

This is me still in my garb from the exhibition opening last Sunday, doing a little demo ride for the camera! Don’t worry, dearly beloveds, when I ride for reals I will be wearing my matching red helmet. This machine is SO shiny. And SO FUN! Excuse me ‘shouting’ with excitement.
The bike was purchased from Bernie Jones Cycles who I thoroughly recommend if you are in Adelaide, South Australia.

Have you heard of Buyers Remorse? I think I had Post Putting On Layby Doubt. While I was paying the bike off, I was quite nervous that I hadn’t bought the right vehicle for the task, that I wouldn’t use it much during rainy times, that it wouldn’t make much difference from the distances I can do on my pushbike. Now I have it in my possession, I am elated – I did make the right choice :)

These are my new Mexican oilcloth panniers for carrying things, from Cycle Style. I ordered online and they arrived super quickly. I am rapt with these, they are beautiful. Hello Joyce!

red electric bike sporting panniers with red apple pattern

The next photo is from a different day. Wearing jeans, I decided despite the chain guard that I would bind my jeans closer to my legs so I didn’t catch them on anything; that can be disconcerting and/or painful, I speak from experience. These reflective velcro-fastened leg straps are from Ron D Swann bike accessories.

leg straps for biking

I bought a red one and a purple one, so that my right leg (ie. the one that is more visible to car drivers) can match the bike I am riding at the time, purple ‘pushy’ or red ebike! They work much better than a rubber band, are beautiful, and recycled.

This means of transport uses no petrol. I feel so lighthearted knowing that when I charge my battery during the day I am using solar power. Excepting of course for the embedded energy involved in manufacture of the bike itself, I am travelling using renewable energy! Hurrah!

What are you doing this week that’s bringing you glee (not that Glee, actual personal glee)?

Much love,
Meg x o


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  1. Thanks Gill! Actually, yes, it does help to keep you balanced! Would you like to come visit and have a little ride?
    :) x o

  2. Love it and I especially like the matching red outfit maybe this is the bike for me does it help keep you balanced ? –

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