7 Days of Giveaways – the explanation

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Hello petals!

I am sure you’re doing famously! (I loved it when my childhood tennis coach used to say, “You’re doing famously!”)

You and me both need nurturing and beauty in our lives. A little nourishment brings a boatload of blossoming, don’t you think? So I made you a little present – bright bookmarks:

You can go to my Gifts for You page for the bookmarks PDF to download and print :)

Awesome as they are, clearly we aren’t talking about the Kindle or your eBooks! We’re talking about good old fashioned, turn the pages by hand, need to plant a tree to compensate, physical books – do you read those still? I do.

7 Days of Giveaways – what’s that about?

To celebrate the launching of the new bookmarks PDF, I am doing 7 Days of Giveaways, tasty teasers of my bold artwork. You, dear bold soul, could garner a handmade watercolour bookmark (a real watercolour, only fun-size) or sampler packs of greeting cards all this week.

Q: What’s happening with the giveaway?

A: There will be a blog post each day for 7 days, with a question or suggestion. Just leave a comment below the post to go in for the giveaway that day. Ensure when commenting that you include your email, so I can contact you and get your postal address, OK? Each day I’ll use a random number generator to choose a commenter, and post the goodies (goodie, goodie, yum, yummmm) to them by mail.

Q: How’s that going to work, Meg? There are only 3 bookmark originals to give away, and there are 5-7 days in a week (depending how you count it)?

A: It’s going to run for 7 days. The alternate days I will give away 3 greeting cards! Hoorah! Starting this Sunday (Australian time) I’ll give away greeting cards | bookmark | greeting cards | bookmark | greeting cards | bookmark | greeting cards.

Q: Why are you doing the giveaway?

A: To have fun with you, dear bold soul! Also, I’d love more bold souls to travel this curious beautiful trail with us, by signing up for my mailing list (or subscribing via RSS feed or keeping in touch with Facebook). Let’s make some new friends :)

Q: What if I win on the first day. Can I still play?

A: Any one person can only win once, to keep things fair. If you do win, feel free to keep commenting, I’ll just need to re-roll if you win again.

Q: What time will entries close?

A: I’ll upload each post at 7am my time, just after I close off entries and pick the winner from the previous day. I’m going to have to be up early this week! (Update: The technology isn’t yet working for the automatic uploads yet, so they’ll be around 7am!)

Would you let me know if you have any other queries?

The next post, which will arrive tomorrow, will be the first. So tell your friends and stay tuned to join in the frivolity, dearly beloveds :)

See you tomorrow,

Love Meg x o


7 Days of Giveaways – the explanation — 2 Comments

  1. What unlikely things have you used to mark your place in a book?
    – biro’s; the strap of a bra; mandarin skins. !!!

  2. Love the new designs!!! will be getting some more gorgeous t shirts soon. cant wait to print out my new bookmarks!! xxxxxxx