7 Days of Giveaways – Day 1

Thanks for playing, bold souls!
Commenter #2, Ray, has been selected by our random number generator – hooray!
This Giveaway is finished, you can check out the posts from the whole week or read the In Retrospect post.

Hey Gorgeouses!

Come join in the game, today’s the first of 7 days of giveaways!

Leave me an answer (question below) to go in the draw for the first giveaway, a mixed pack of 3 “Bold Art for Bold Soul” greeting cards, similar to the above (if you want a particular theme, you could let me know in the comment, too). If we’ve not met before, how did you find me, by the way? I’ll choose the giveaway winner with a random number generator.

If you’re anything like me you often use arbitrary items for bookmarks – whatever happens to be nearby. I’ve been known to use invoices, pieces of wool (yarn), even tissues! Hence, the question for today is:

What unlikely things have you used to mark your place in a book?

See you in the comments section :)
Love Meg x o


7 thoughts on “7 Days of Giveaways – Day 1”

  1. i guess the weirdest would be a chinese food menu..ive always got them lying around..thanks for the giveaway!

    1. Thank you so much dearhearts, for all your comments. I’ve had great fun imagining all your unexpected items tucked into your books!
      Jo: Was the flower already pressed when you put it in the book, or did it become so? :)
      Ray: What is it with bus tickets and passes? Lots of us seem to use those. Me included! I admit I am struggling to picture the flat book pages and your spiky metal keys :)
      Chessa: Sounds like some kind of ‘taking out the bookmark’ game! Unlike with magazines (which I dog-ear all the time) you don’t really want to fold down the page corner to keep your spot, do you?
      Robyn: I love that you have piles of books all around you AND a kindle, too!
      Annie: I like how all those things you use for bookmarks are not even flat! The books must smell nice after the mandarin skins. I have included your answer even though it was at the bottom of the explanation post :) I’m so glad you like your bookmark printables! I’m putting up more tshirt designs soon, too :)
      Kat: Do you put the hair elastic between the pages, or stretch it right around the cover?
      Lorraine: Sounds like a good life – plenty of reading, and good food prepared for you!

      Re: the Giveaway
      As you may already know, the number 2 came up, and I’m all set to to post Ray’s goodies to her.

  2. We met through Goddess Leonie of course!!
    Book marks – lets see (says I gazing the pile of books scattered around me),
    receipts, boarding pass, a folded tissue (clean I checked), book of stamps and a lolly wrapper. I used a spoon before too.
    I can’t get that creative on making my spot on my Kindle alas.

  3. Library hold slips! Bobby pins. Receipts. Whatever’s nearby! And no matter what, my oldest son (5) will see the bookmark, and YOINK! Pull it right out. ;)

  4. Hi Meg,

    We’ve crossed paths in the Goddess Circle and I’m loving your vibrant artwork.

    Here’s my answer to be entered into your giveaway:

    Pressed flower

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