Live Bold List 46: So Long 2016 and thanks for all the fish!

What a year it’s been! If I were a beloved-celebrity-who’s-influenced-many-lives-via-popular-culture, I think I’d go hide right now, to avoid the final hours of 2016’s careless onslaught. #valecarrie Other than that intro, I’m not going to talk of the larger world. … Continue reading

The Good, the Heartwarming and the Ugly

Hello dear and bright spirit! I hope this finds you in both comfort and joy! I have cleared some space and done some painting on my next print, so am feeling content with my day :) The Good We had … Continue reading

Pedal power, petals, but a bit of battery

Hey lovelies, Remember I wrote a few weeks ago about how I make cycling joyous for me? I bought an electric bike (ebike)! It’s my new car really, and will extend my range noticably and be especially welcome at nights, … Continue reading