Live Bold List 46: So Long 2016 and thanks for all the fish!

What a year it’s been! If I were a beloved-celebrity-who’s-influenced-many-lives-via-popular-culture, I think I’d go hide right now, to avoid the final hours of 2016’s careless onslaught. #valecarrie

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Other than that intro, I’m not going to talk of the larger world. We both have other means to collect that information. What I’d like to do is a wrap up of the Tangerine pocket of the world … ‘cos creative and beautiful and happy things happened too!

Live Bold List 46: So Long 2016 and thanks for all the fish!

  1. My Happy To Be Here Exhibition – my first solo art show in over 20 years. This took over a year of work and planning and 4 weeks that flew by of actual exhibition!
  2. At the exhibition we screened the Happy To Be Here Project video. Thanks everyone who joined in! It was really fun collecting photos from bold souls around the world, seeing your feet and surroundings, etc. Would you like to be part of a new community project in 2017?
  3. Changed my part-time work situation from working for a friend at her office, to working for other friends from my home office, which freed up a bunch of commuting hours
  4. New Thing: Tangerine Treasury! Woot! I got advice from fabulous Sarah of Yes and Yes about smartening up my website and other online stuff, and have put the free downloads I offer into a lovely secret library. Join my mailing list for access << use this link or the little ‘form’ here:
  5. Seven new Bold Interviews – it’s been so fun to learn more about seven more people I admire. There are more interviews in the pipeline too! Stay tuned :)
  6. Collaboration with Cheryl at Wrappa Bees. These¬†wax food wraps are such a great product, I’m thrilled to be involved! Our Tangerine Meg / artist line of reusable wax food wraps have been well received and the first two batches sold out! (Working on Batch 3 as we ‘speak’.) Thank you for joining in our funky eco efforts!
  7. Sorted out my wardrobe/clothes, one round each in Summer and Winter. Op (thrift) shops are the winner here! And spaciousness of closet :) It’s taken time and work, and has proven surprisingly freeing. It’s more fun mix and matching in the morning when things actually go together – and fit. Much inspiration for this from Brenda Kinsel.
  8. Four new calendars – woot! I made 2017 bold art calendars themed on Cats, Food+Flowers, and Bold Women along with the exhibition-commemorating Best Of, Happy To Be Here. While almost sold out, I have a few back from stockists of the latter 2 themes. Click this to snap one up.
  9. Survived a computer break down. Man, 2 weeks is a L-O-N-G time when you’re reliant on a computer! Let’s see how I go now, with a clothes washing machine break down over the holiday period :P
  10. New stockists and galleries. Woot! My art is now in The Strand Gallery, Waste Not Want Not Eco Store, Lightfoot Eco Store, Hahndorf Academy shop, Mockingbird Lounge bookstore / cafe / community hub, along with Murray Bridge Regional Gallery, Nadja’s Garden, Pepper Street Arts Centre, Gallery M, Urban Cow Studio Gallery.
  11. Did 18 Art Markets in person!
  12. Started circus training again. That makes me happy. And my left and right brain. I’m going to have to overcome a resistance to performance at some point, aren’t I?
  13. Started doing my summary of year much earlier and feeling more on top of it. in 2016 I didn’t have a word of the Year, but for 2017 it’s ‘dropped in’ already… “Discern.” This makes extra sense knowing I am an enneagram One.
  14. Last but not least: I made my way to Sydney for a Frida Kahlo exhibition pilgrimage. Blog post to follow, once I sort out which pictures I have.


I seem to have exclaimed “Woot!” rather a lot in this list! Woot! :D

How’s your 2016 re-cap and 2017 visioning going? I’d love to hear about your creative and beautiful and happy things happenings of 2016… Will you share in the comments? You can post a link if you have a blog post or suchlike on line we can read.

See you on the flip side! Woot!
Love Meg x o

PS If you like my Hello Sweetie Fish drawing featured in the header image, here’s a link to the Hello Sweetie Fish purple print. There’s also one in a minty green, at my Red Bubble print on demand page … here’s a link to the Bold Fish Birds & Butterflies section.

Header image for "So Long 2016 and Thanks for all the fish" blog post featuring mint green fish pattern with a lightish blue back ground


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