Work in Progress: Cuss Like Sailors. Hug Like Angels

One of my favourite pieces of art I’ve made lately has: wings, a prosthetic foot, an eye patch, ‘swear’ words, best friends and fabulous hair. What’s not to love? :D

lino print artwork of 2 sailor/pirate friends with dark & lighter skin colours.It’s like a lino print take on a photographic friends self portrait – you know the ones, with cheeks alongside each other, faces beaming?

If you saw me do my artist’s talk at my exhibition, you would’ve seen me gesticulating wildly as I told the backstory of this hand-coloured lino print with a friendship theme. Here it is as a blog post – you’ll have to imagine my enthusiastic hand-waving.

marker drawing of hugging angels with spiral sketchbook binding on the leftInspiration

This design concept was inspired by Catherine Caine and Kyeli Smith’s discussion on this Mediocre Be Damned podcast about Femininity in Spirituality. The talk was on many aspects, including that there’s a whole spectrum of ways to be feminine – to be yourself, really. That it can’t all be pink / fairies / ‘daintiness’, nor all not that, and still be real and personal. Do you think so too? On that spectrum of femininity, we all fall where we fall (or choose to fall – and who else’s business is it anyway?)

Catherine and Kyeli concluded: “We both cuss like sailors and hug like angels”. Love. It.

I find myself giggling in delight at the wings, hair dos, great dress and the ‘swears’ – and relating so much to that spectrum bit – let’s just be ourselves! – at the same time. You too? #kindredspiritsarewe


From the sketched idea, above, I drew onto the lino block.

Photo of lino block, half carved, with 2 lino tools alongside

Here’s the lino block partially carved. You can see I drew the women the same way around as in the original sketch, which why they’re the other way around in the final. Somewhere along the way we lost the word ‘bollocks’, included now in this blog post for good measure.

Individuals in Peace. Diversity. Respect. Friendship. These are some of the things I thought about while I made this art. As in my Friends: Luka, Pace and Joy lino print – work in progress post here, I’m now bringing a better an actual range of skin colours into my art. #conversationinprogress

2 panels of close up of lino blocks; both with backwards writint

Writing and thinking

I’ve again had fun making backwards writing – here’s a pic of 2 bits of writing on the block. A new challenge was the symbols to represent some of the ‘swears’, the #ampersand and the little skull and stars, etc :D

My design thought process went: if they’re sailors > they might be pirates > traditionally one might have a wooden leg > might they have a modern prosthetic? Apparently still an old school eye patch, though!

3 black ink prints on white paper of "cuss like sailors, hug like angels"Here are some of the original prints before colouring (above) and with the final color scheme (below).

Being Yourself. And Friendships with others being themselves. So important. Want to talk about that in the comments? Be my guest! Mwah! #rainbows #respect

Talk soon, friend,
Love Meg x o


PS Want your own Cuss Like Sailors. Hug Like Angels sailor/angel/feminism spectrum art/talisman to shine your awesomeness back at you? Digital prints and original lino prints are still available for your sweet wall!

PS 2 Click this if you’d like to check out my Bold Souls Pinterest board to see some more of the people who inspire me.



lino print artwork of 2 sailor/pirate friends with dark & lighter skin colours.

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