7 Days of Giveaways – in retrospect

aka. Thank you so much for playing this week at 7 Days of Giveaways, bold soul! and
In which I take a moment to be a DJ for one day, kind of :)

I hope you have had a lovely week. I have. Meeting new friends and being in contact with old friends, and all bonding over a love of colour and cats. *huge happy grateful sigh*

Thank you bold soul. Suddenly I See you are such a delight!

If the embed isn’t working, go here to watch.

[By the way, at the bottom of this post are versions of the songs chosen by bold souls on Day 3 as their favourite music to dance to, wild and free, and like nobody’s watching! Now, if someone asks me again “Is Tangerine Meg your DJ name?” (Remember Day 2?) I can say “Yes, sometimes”!] The watercolours have been posted. The Day 7 Giveaway greeting cards will go in the mail as soon as I confirm addresses.

Part of what I hoped for this week was to share some of my colourful artwork. By the end of the first day I realised that it was quickly adding up to much more. Thank you for your heartfelt reflections and compliments. You made my week. It feels like you and I are both here because vivid colour lights up our hearts! I believe each nourished soul brings a little sanity back into the world. My wish is that my colourful, joyous artwork helps to make that happen!

I didn’t start out the Giveaways with pure selflessness – the main notion, besides sharing artwork, was to make new friends. That aim is beautifully fulfilled, plus the bonus of reconnecting with others (some I’ve known since childhood – you know who you are)! I warmly welcome you to keep in contact (see right for buttons to my Facebook page, RSS feed or eNews, whichever suits you) and tell your friends, if you think they’d like to keep us company on this curious and beautiful journey. Remember, you can still download the printable bookmark PDF for your own colour-lovin’ soul nourishment or even use them as calling cards from me, if you print out a second copy! Thank you in advance :)

I appreciate you being here, bold soul, thank you :)

Much love,
Tangerine Meg x o


If the video doesn’t play, try this link: Talking Heads. Thanks Evan!

Thanks Lorraine for this song choice by Lykke Li and Bon Iver (use that text link if the video doesn’t play)

If the ’embed’ technology doesn’t play, use this Underworld link. Thanks Allison :)

Lucky Day by Bruce Springsteen is recommended by Ann for air drumming. Try it!

Thank you, Tory, who suggested music by Rusted Root.

Here is the link to YouTube for O Happy Day :) Hope you like this version from the movie Sister Act 2, Gilly :)

There’s no embedding for Michael Franti Say Hey (I love you), so that’s the link! Good call, Jo!

Peace and love, bold souls, see you soon x o


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