7 Days of Giveaways – Day 7

Dear ones, I have loved your wonderful sentiments this week, you’ve warmed my heart! The random number generator chose Annie to get the greeting cards, and then I decided to ‘re-roll’ and Evan has won, too. I will email you, bold souls!
Check out the retrospective post to get it all into perspective, in which I’m not at all objective :)

Hey Fabulousness personified!

Today’s the seventh of 7 days of giveaways merrymaking. Thanks for playing along all week!

Leave me a comment in answer to the prompt below to go in the draw for the seventh giveaway, a mixed pack of 3 “Bold Art for Bold Soul” greeting cards, similar to the above (if you want a particular theme, you could let me know in the comment, too). And if we’ve not met before, how did you find me, by the way? I’ll choose the giveaway winner with a random number generator.
I’ve just decided am going to add extra giveaways if there are double or more comments (1 comment per person please!) so please share with your nice friends – we have one more day this week of lovely giveaway fun :)

Last weekend I was trying to encourage the new seedlings that are coming up between the very healthy grass that’s growing around them, and spotted an almost not there dragonfly, perched delicate and still on one of said tufts of grass, like a “invisible” effect in a Harry Potter movie. Time to pause. Then rushed to get my camera!

Tell us about a favourite garden OR Out-in-nature OR Giving/receiving of flowers moment.

See you in the comments section :)

Love Meg x o

10 thoughts on “7 Days of Giveaways – Day 7”

  1. Hello again :)
    My favourite garden is mine at home. And I’m even more appreciative of it today after spending yesterday at the Brisbane Ekka amongst hoards of people, noise and chaos. Our garden is a work in progress, its a 5 acre block in the middle of the South Burnett region of Qld. We have goats n silkie chookies outside, and our lovely cats inside. We’re converting a section of it back to native rainforest, and its great to see it gradually take shape.

    1. Sorry you missed out with the random number bit. Your garden sounds so wonderful Natalie! I wish I could come and visit! Thank you for sharing :)

  2. We don’t have much room for any sort of garden in our urban home. But, our city has a beautiful botanical garden and conservatory. It’s such a fabulous place – we don’t go nearly enough!

    1. Thank you so much bold souls, new friends and old for coming to visit, and adding your thoughts from your part of this planet we live on.

      1 Annie: An established garden has amazing energy doesn’t it?

      2 Gilly: Ah, the magic in the everyday! Those days with young children are priceless x o

      3 Jude: You look after the garden and the garden looks after you :)

      4 NM Creatrix: Sorry you missed StarCat :( I have other cat pics at my Juicy Wall Art page. By the way, I enjoyed that TED magic talk you have on your blog, and the Warren Buffet link!

      5 Birdy: You made me smile :) How lovely to have Madame Turtle deciding to stay. Let me know how the framing goes!

      6 Evan: That sounds like a beautiful place!

      7 Tory: Is that the kind of place that even though you don’t go very often, once you’re there you feel as though never went away?

      Annie, you got chosen by the random number generator! I will email you :)
      Then I decided to ‘roll’ again, to give away some more greeting cards, and the second giveaway goes to…. Evan!
      Heehee, that was fun!

  3. My favourite garden is a public one. The Chinese Gardens at Darling Harbour in Sydney. So much variety and so many perspectives all in a small space and conveying a wonderful sense of contemplative stillness.

  4. Tookie & I are both so thrilled to be the ones chosen to love two of your lovely bookmarks in person! :-)

    (Btw, was so kyool today! Was wondering where I’d find a frame to tuck my pic in, so I can hang it safely, and it turned out that the neighbor down around the corner was selling one in his garage sale! Just the right size & shape and everything! :-D :>)

    Fave garden moment: one of them has to be the summer we shared with Madame Turtle (aka The Rock That Moves!!!).

    After my dog-at-the-time Ana discovered her (which is quite the amusing tale itself!), we took the turtle to the vet to make sure she was okay since we had the opportunity (Ana had just barked at her), then let her go in the patio area of our condo.

    She stayed there quite happily. We’d be outside and we’d look for her, and she’d be about somewhere in the green.

    It was so nice & we felt so honoured that this wild creature would choose to stay with us of her own free will. :>

  5. sorry that I missed the starcat, that was just my kind of card! But I am sure that you will provide something equally stunnnG! I found you via a post by sussanasays!

  6. My favourite garden moment is when I come inside after a hard days yakka gardening, all stiff and sore then look at the garden through the window and smile a little smile to myself.

  7. My favorite Garden moment is when my children where little I would send them out into the back yard to find fairy’s or treasure – a nondescript suburban garden became an adventure playground full of fairy rings, pirate ships and treasure caves , to have them come inside with stories of adventures they had had in amongst the sower sobs
    and onion weed :)

  8. Hi Meg

    My favouritist garden is my parents, it’s been a 40 odd year project and right now it’s a delightful place to spend time contemplating …

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