Travel the world with art – blog hop!

Hey Lovelies!
Warm greetings from a sunny day. Hope things are well in your neck of the collective woods world woods :)

Are you ready to come along on an art blog mystery tour? Summon your magic cat and let’s go meet new friends :)

I’d mentioned Kat Sloma’s Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap before. This weekend is the time when people can ‘blog hop’ between the 200+ participants.
Shall I show you the 5 postcards that came to me in the post? I have made them into links so you can visit the sites, or you can use the Blog Hop widget below this post to go visiting anyone who is joining in :)

This beautiful rose photo is from Cathy in Arkansas, USA. She sent: “Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder.” – EB White
I am almost always in need of a reminder to appreciate the small things! By the way, we had no idea who would receive our messages/pictures as we sent our greetings/blessings out :)

Katie from RedTin told me that her rainbow umbrella girl’s face is done with coloured pencil on linen. On her blog she talks about a variety of wonderful creative projects. If you want to do a treasure hunt, look for the blog post with a cool lino stamp of a woman printed onto envelopes.

I’m not sure if this cool black & white photo is a bridge or a jetty, a bridge I think. Maybe a boardwalk? Larissa sent this, she is from Southern California and you can check out her and Matthew’s adventures and photography at their site. Click the photo to go there.

This photo collage postcard is from Lui in the Philippines. She must be very happy there – her site is Lui in Heaven, and she has another site (besides the link via the photo) called Hounds in Heaven. How fun that a ‘cat artist’ got a postcard from a ‘dog artist’! There’s a white cat in the picture too, can you see it?
She says: “I do sustainable art and community projects mostly non-profit initiatives, design and implement creative works on any media and on site, promote and support programs on art and cultural heritage work, nature and animal welfare, care and protection.”

Look at that wonderful bark texture! This also came with a quote: “We are starstuff. We are the universe made manifest, trying to figure itself out” – Babylon 5. Thank you Jenny – beautiful! Ha! Spellchecker, you know not the meaning of the word starstuff! We do. And that’s as it should be :)

Apologies to the people I couldn’t work out how to contact!

Hoorah, this was fun! I loved being part of a community reaching all around the world. Technology combined with art combined with good old fashioned postal mail. I do still love getting ‘real’ mail, with postage stamps and date stamps too, handwriting and sometimes, like this time, address stickers and wonderful art! Do you love getting mail from interesting people and places? Tell me in the comments, or let me know your favourites of the sites you checked out :)

See you soon, dear ones,
Meg x o


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  1. I could have sworn I left a comment! dang it! I am so glad you liked the card I sent. You got some lovely ones—didn’t we all!!! Amazing artists out there! Take care!

    • Hi Katie, it got pretty hectic, didn’t it? But wonderful to be a part of something so big and creative :) ‘See’ you soon, Love Meg x o

  2. I too participated in the Liberate Your Art swap. Just blog hopping from Long Island, NY!
    I am a little late at viewing the blogs due to recovering from Chemo and the hurricane Irene!!
    Nice to meet you and your pics! Love your blog
    You got some wonderful postcards.
    Peace love photography

  3. Hi Meg!

    Isn’t this so much fun?!? (Such a great quote from E.B. White too!) The postcards you received are wonderful and I love the cat one you created!


    p.s. “Bold Art For Bold Souls” is a fantastic tag line!

  4. Howdy Tangerine Meg! Your work is absolutely amazing!!!! The colors make me positively giddy!! I am going to loose power from a storm today and I should be cooking up some bacon and adding some more insight to my Liberate Your Art blog post that I cut short yesterday..but I decided to do the hop instead. I am definitely saving you in my favorites and I’ll be back to explore more in depth!!

  5. Beautiful post cards! I love receiving real mail from people, and this post card swap has just made me want to do more letter writing. Love your bold lovely website and your art!


  6. I’m Bill from Michigan, USA. This is wonderful! I didn’t receive any of these postcards, so it’s fun to see them. All of them are beautiful. I especially love all the bold colors you used in your postcard and on your blog!

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