Bold new colourful artwork, greeting cards and even hair

Dear beloved kindred spirit!
I hope you are shiningly well and frolicking in both joy and abundance :)

I am bursting to introduce this new lino print to you! Can you imagine the colours zinging right off the paper and into your face? Pixels are a bit different but I hope you get an idea -I SO wish I could show it to you in real life, Lovely One!

Content is a study in settling in, right into the warm brightness of your surrounds. Orange Cat is an expert in the art of arranging himself – in this case on the patchwork blanket that my husband’s now 94-year-old Nanna knitted for him long before we met! Take up Orange Cat’s message of luxuriation and contentedness, and drink in the vibrancy  :)  I would love you to see and hold and gain colour-soul-liftment from Content. If you are interested in a rather unique (there are and only ever will be 9 in this edition of handpainted prints) artwork, make your way (via one click) to the  Cat Art Emporium :) Email me if you want to arrange part payments, dearheart!

And, there’s more: These are the 4 newest greeting card pictures I have to offer you, bold soul. Have you a loved one’s birthday coming soon? Or maybe you need to top up your greeting card stash? :) These are available now from the Greeting Card page. [Thank you so much Birdy for letting me know that a vital element was missing – the “View Cart” button! If you’ve previously tried to buy greeting cards or other art and it didn’t quite work, have another try and let me know how it goes! I am always super appreciative of feedback that allows me to make things work better! *Hugs Birdy*]

While I am showing you new things, wanna see my new hairdo? In theory I am ‘growing my hair’ but it’d been feeling a bit dry lately (from months of having an underactive thyroid I think – long story) and it was time for a change! As a bonus I now have a hardly ‘hair like’ hair colour that she rinsed through too (the bright smudge on my ear will wash off!) Just look at the crazy volumes of Spring blossom in the background!

Another consideration with the haircut is that now my energy is returning I intend to return to circus training next term (I’d given myself a break to take care of my health). If you’re doing acrobatics (and I intend to be), it’s quite a comfort factor to know your shoulders are free of your hair when people are going to stand on them.

I’d love to hear juicy details of your greeting card stash in the comments section, below :) What you’ve got there, how much you love surprising people with something ‘just right’ that you’d collected and then re-found. I am assuming here that you have a greeting card (and possibly gift?) stash – am I right? ‘Cos I know you’re fun, loving AND organised :)

Well, dear, have a lovely weekend, buy art if it calls to you, and I’ll ‘see’ you soon :)

Love Meg x o


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