The story of a single pear

Hello petal! Mwah! :)
I hope you are going tremendously well, and having a brilliant day and week!

I have a picture post for you today, dearly beloveds, a blast from the vault (and when I say vault I mean large cardboard folder) that I was excited to rediscover.

The story goes like this: The single pear alludes to my solo parenting situation at the time, and the fabric was that of one of my favourite maternity dresses (I sewed it myself from a burda pattern magazine)! You can see a little bit of a clothes iron (I ironed?) in the background and a little of its cord, strangley umbilicus-like. It brings back recollections of my boys’ very young years – except the the ironing which I have blotted out! I like the colour scheme that the fabric suggested, it’s not as rainbowy as my latest stuff, but still bold. This picture is a result of making a moment (or several non-consecutive moments most likely) to draw and paint amidst all the Things That Needed To Be Done.
It’s been interesting finding quite a few of my previous paintings, would you like to see a few of the others?

Take care, beautiful bold soul :)
Lots of love,
Meg x o