The story of a single pear

Hello petal! Mwah! :)
I hope you are going tremendously well, and having a brilliant day and week!

I have a picture post for you today, dearly beloveds, a blast from the vault (and when I say vault I mean large cardboard folder) that I was excited to rediscover.

The story goes like this: The single pear alludes to my solo parenting situation at the time, and the fabric was that of one of my favourite maternity dresses (I sewed it myself from a burda pattern magazine)! You can see a little bit of a clothes iron (I ironed?) in the background and a little of its cord, strangley umbilicus-like. It brings back recollections of my boys’ very young years – except the the ironing which I have blotted out! I like the colour scheme that the fabric suggested, it’s not as rainbowy as my latest stuff, but still bold. This picture is a result of making a moment (or several non-consecutive moments most likely) to draw and paint amidst all the Things That Needed To Be Done.
It’s been interesting finding quite a few of my previous paintings, would you like to see a few of the others?

Take care, beautiful bold soul :)
Lots of love,
Meg x o



The story of a single pear — 9 Comments

  1. Haha! Good one – I so wish I’d put an ant in there! Greeting card coming soon.
    Have been busy all day today setting up crazy flowery heart tshirts, cat pictures and new cat calendar, and now must. sleep. must. sleep.
    Thanks heaps, you are beautiful and awesome!

  2. Thank you! :-)
    Loving the Journeys you share here. :>

    One further request: would you please put in one of those ‘subscribe to comments’ plug-ins so that we readers could follow the conversational goodnesses? :-)

    I didn’t realize you’d replied to my comment until I came back just now for a different reason. :-)

    Have an Awesome!

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