After the Spring rainstorm

Hello warmhearted bold soul,
I hope this finds you well &/or healing and happy &/or deciding how to change things for the better.

I am back from a 10-day change of scenery, and will show you photos when they’ve been extracted from my camera. For today, I offer for your enjoyment a feline blast from the “vault”.Sometimes the watercolour paints run together in an almost precisely imprecisely cat-fur kind of way, a way you can neither plan nor draw, and certainly that would be a challenge to carve into lino. I think this is one of those times.
Can I ask you a favour? If you see one of these “vault treasures” that you think would make a particularly good greeting card, could you let me know? I think that single pear (from last post) could be a encouraging image for solo parents – did you think that too?

Wishing you green and purple magic sparkles. Or sparkling magicals :)
Much love,
Tangerine Meg x o

3 thoughts on “After the Spring rainstorm”

  1. I love the furr texture! :-)
    That is a Most Kyool happening.

    A card would be loverly.
    So would fabric. :-)

    Would the furr come out well in print, do you think?

    How has the progress been? :-)
    Saw in the comments in your last post that you’ve been busy, busy, busy! :-)

    Must have that Beauty chat when you have a spare or several. :-)
    We were just starting to touch on some very powerful things the other day. :-)

    Have an Awesome! :-)

    1. Hey Birdy :)
      Thanks for your encouraging feedback!

      I am confident that the printing process is precise and the fur will come out very well. I will get a couple done as a test run, to be quite sure, and let you know how they look.
      Yes, I am super busy, organising things for the Port Market stall, which is in about 2 weeks – eep!

      I’ll send you an email about our Beauty convo, and we can make another time to Skype.

      This reply will be a good test of the new ‘subscribe to comments’ facility!
      Love Meg x o

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