Market and Nutmeg

Hello beloved kindred spirit <3

Hoping you are well and content. If things are other than you might judge ‘perfect’, I am sure their educational purpose will become clear in the fullness of time! I myself am winning a long fight with some kind of cold and have random things happening in my world, but trusting that all will make sense in due course.


Hello new friends from the Port Festival Artists Market. Thanks for coming to check out my site – welcome! It was wonderful to meet you over the weekend. My gorgeous friends/helpers and I had fun at the stall sharing vibrant art, including giving away 138 free art bookmarks! Civilised weather made things easy for stall holders, organisers and visitors alike, and live music added to the atmosphere.


I think I look pretty tired in the photo – ‘cos I was tired and also fighting the lurgy. If you are wondering about my garb, on the Saturday (above) I wore the Luka Cat of Light Tshirt and on the Sunday I wore Rainbow Lady. My helpers chose Floraline, 3 Bold Butterflies and Stripey Peace. The tshirts are such fun to wear, comfy and garner lots of comments (plug, plug :D)!

Would you like to see one of my latest greeting card pictures (if you were at the market you may recognise her)?

Nutmeg the Magic Cat


Here is the poem which inspired Nutmeg to be painted. See how you can put commas and fullstops (periods) in lots of different places in it? Have a go:

I like Nutmeg very much he is a cat with a tail of magic and happiness is all Nutmeg likes me

If you are inspired, try making a SentencePoem with lots of possible pause spots of your own. I’d love to read them in the comments section.

By the way, Nutmeg is now available as a greeting card (top row, right)!

See you in the comments section below or on Facebook!
Much love,
Meg x o



Market and Nutmeg — 2 Comments

  1. Sorry to hear you’ve been down with a cold –
    glad to read you are on the mend!

    “Random things happening in my world.”
    Love that way of putting it! :>
    I will have to borrow that one. :-D
    The random continues in our part of the planet. :>

    Have an Awesome! :>
    Looking forward to our chattings as mutual time permits! :-) :>

    • Hi dear Birdy!
      Oh gosh, good luck with meeting your random things where they are and making the best thereof!
      I will do the same. Love Meg x o

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