Live Bold List 24: 6 Things I learned about re-charging my batteries by riding my electric bike

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The weather is warming up here in the Southern Hemisphere – time to transition to using the car less and the bike(s) more! Last week I misjudged the battery longevity on my new electric bike and had to pedal the solid red frame up a hill, to meet my friend. At the point of battery fizzlement I also made the decision to have the train assist me to get most of the way back home afterwards!

Here are some of the things I pondered while I pedalled the rather-heavy-when-the-battery-isn’t-helping beast along:

Live Bold List 24: 6 Things I learned about re-charging my batteries by riding my electric bike

  1. You are totally allowed to take the smoother, less busy path. You can choose which will be easier for you this day :)
  2. You ARE still moving, even though the meter is no longer showing you your speed (because it, too, is powered by the battery!) Keep going steadily, even if it feels a bit restricted! Left, right. Repeat.
  3. If you start your day with your battery charged to only 30%, it drops surprisingly quickly to zero.
  4. You might need to allow extra time after stopping at the lights to get up momentum.
  5. You can change gears! Pushing the pedals is a lot harder without the luxury and support of battery help – even the battery itself is weighing you down! It’s permitted to change to an easier gear and pedal at a sustainable level.
  6. Respect and recharge your battery. When you get back home, plug it in to a sunny day (solar powered power point during daylight) and re-charge ready for your next adventure :) Then have a good dinner and an early night!

This was a fascinating way to learn something so nurturing about life, myself, *recharging* and my new bike (which is really my car).
How do you recharge your batteries? Let me know in the comments section below!

Oh, did I mention:
Recharge your batteries,
recharge your batteries,
recharge your batteries.

Much love,
Meg x o