On Goodness and Colour

Dear big-hearted bold souls :)

Hope this finds you happy and well, and that lovely balance of busy when you feel you’re accomplishing things, yet not getting unduly stressed about it and still have energy for yourself!

Woman who is also a plum tree being grateful for ideas and creativity and peace

Right now someone close to me is has had their mental health disrupted. We’re not out of the woods enough to wrap words around it and talk about it here, yet it’s inspired a re-visiting of why I do what I do, both as part of ongoing self-observation and also with this new found landscape that includes mental illness. Suffice to say for now, that I am finding myself more committed than ever to my belief in the goodness and nurturing power of colour, beauty and kindness.

Personally, I find the joy of vibrant color is one that bypasses the judgment of thoughts and goes straight to my core. You might be of that nature too, bold soul :)

woman who is indeed a plum tree, grateful for ideas and creativity, flowers and peace. Has a rainbow border. Lino print, hand coloredThe lady from the lino print Thriving is happily grateful for the abundance she finds both within and surrounding herself :) Incidentally, once the lino print was printed and painted I decided “I like that grateful girl’s clothing” – hence the tshirt design!

Tangerine Meg taking a selfie in the mirror with a red camera, holding a satsuma plum, and wearing a flower tshirtThat’s me last summer – in the shirt (it’s back to front as it’s a mirror photo) – holding one of the satsuma plums from the tree that inspired the lino print!
I guess what I am getting at with all of this gathering of threads and weaving around is this series of reminders – for myself as much as anyone else!

  1. Be happy
  2. Do what makes you happy
  3. Wear what makes you happy (colourful garments will most likely be involved)
  4. Art (the photograph) imitates life (me in the tshirt) imitates art (the lino print) inspired by life (the abundance and gratitude of summer) … and around it goes, in one big happy colourful circle (ideally)
  5. A bit of gratitude goes a long way
  6. Recognise abundance and beauty in little things!
  7. Your mental health is precious and needs to be taken care of. Nurture it like a garden that needs gentle tending, so it may bloom.
  8. Seeing beautiful colour can be a great centre-er
  9. Surround yourself with people and things that make you happy

This feels like a long post and I’ve wandered a bit. Hopefully it all intertwines! This week several other blog writers tell this too, how their art/work/field has meaning for and has supported them; I also find Prem Rawat’s Words of Peace message to be very grounding.

Let me know in the comments section if you’ve found strength or solace from your art, music or a terrific teacher; and if you’ve blogged about it leave us a link so we can read it too – I’d love to hear from you, dear one :)

Be in your day, take heart, and thrive!
Much love,
Meg x o

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