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Hey Lovely You!

Hope you’ve had happy holidays, dear bold soul, and a chance for a break – to pause and reflect, to breathe and be still.


As we ‘speak’ I have magazines, coloured paper, scissors, glue, folders, books and print outs spread out all over our big table. Much of the other furniture in the house is in awkward spots, between locations. A lot is in transition during this fabulous, productive, in-between week, when an almost faded 2011 year can be summarised and 2012 can be planned.

The looking-back-on-this-year-and-looking-forward-to-next-year is in progress, and not quite ready to be shared here yet. However, there were 2 lovely emails this week I’d love to share today…

The professional photographer at the Goodwood Christmas Market (right at the end of November) took this – remember I mentioned being ‘headhunted’ probably for my rainbow headband? – and it was sent to me by the organisers this week:

I like it! It’s a good, sunny shot, isn’t it? The lady next to me is maybe a physiotherapist from a local business? I love those painted faces :)

The other gorgeous news that arrived via email this week was about a secret I couldn’t tell you ’til now. The next official Magic Cats portrait is complete and has flown to its owner. TA DAa! Here, bold ladies and gentlemen, is Camille:

The ‘Surprisee’ emailed me, saying:

I just got the Magic Camille painting that Mike and Katrina ordered for me. It is so beautiful and so like my pesky Camille that I cried.
– Kate Rogers, Michigan, USA

I am so honoured to have been a part of that sneaky gorgeous giving! Some time soon, I’ll show you the starting photo, you’ll LOL :)

One of the projects that’s a definite for 2012 is making the Magic Cats (formerly known as Custom Cats) offer a clearly described reality open to all moggy art lovers, not only to friends! I’m bursting with excitement (sorry Naomi)!

If you are doing the releasing/recap/thank/plan/imagine/visionboard thing, I am with you! I wish you:

  • inspiration,
  • a bit of time to yourself to reflect,
  • a clear path to it if you’re doing a ‘word of the year’,
  • colourful stationery,
  • sharp scissors and sticky glue, and
  • plentiful magazines with appropriate photos :D

Have a great week.
Much love,
Meg x o

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