A moment of joy involving towels, other Christmas musings and a partridge in a pear tree

Dear warm-hearted bold soul!

Hope your week has been civilised in the lead up to Christmas, and that the holidays hold much cheer, love and connection for you and not an exacerbation of any feelings of being ‘left out‘. I have experienced both at this time of year :|

A partridge who borrowed the tail of a peacock in a pear tree. That big pear tree needs re-potting.

We’re keeping it pretty low key here. I haven’t sent any Christmas cards (except to sister K, as last years gift in March was belated even by my standards) though I may make up for that with a round of New Year cards in a week or two. I’ve tried for carefully chosen, small gifts – the majority of those have been from the Oxfam shop and redbubble and are wrapped in cheap or recycled wrapping paper! *Support independent artisans :D *

Here’s a neat idea:
If you’re giving a book as a gift, you could download and print my free/gifty bookmarks – tuck one inside the cover as a finishing touch for use with the book!

For the first time this year I observed the Summer solstice, and did a releasing ritual something like this. Not with black linen though, we used a retired silk scarf :) I found it very grounding, and more profound that I had expected.

During the holiday break from my part-time job, I will be spending some time reflecting, noticing and thanking the learnings of 2011, and then reviewing the lovely options for 2012 and prioritising them. I’ll be using a hybrid blend of the tools that ‘speak to me’ from Goddess Leonie’s, The Headologist’s and Let’s Radiate’s 2012 Workbooks and Planners. Very affordable assistance from experts at soul searching and planning!

This year I have experienced for the first time the blessing of the flown bird (Son #1) returning for a short visit to the nest. This morning I even had a moment of delight noticing the extra set of towels hanging in the bathroom!

Our time together, though brief, will be spent hanging out, playing games and sharing some food. We were lucky enough to score 2 original Wii controllers for $22 each yesterday so myself, my husband, Son #1 and Son #2 can all play together! Son #1 has also introduced me to the perils and fun of “Plants Vs. Zombies” game. I choose to see it symbolically, as hope for the future of our planet: that we can indeed be strategic and plant what’s necessary to overcome the mindless advancing hordes of greedy corporate destruction. Do you think I’m over-thinking that?!! Haha!

Note to self (and you, if you’re on a specialised, atypical diet) if you start to feel as though you are ‘being anti-social’ over the next little while: You’re not! Remember, this is important! Your personalised eating = you giving yourself the gift of health. Stick with it as best you can when faced with foods which will harm you. Remember me, I’ll be in a similar situation! Let’s be kind to ourselves!

Well, lovely bold soul, I must away.
If I don’t ‘see’ you next week, I’ll ‘see’ you next year!!
Lots of love,
Meg x o


A moment of joy involving towels, other Christmas musings and a partridge in a pear tree — 4 Comments

  1. I think releasing ceremonies are so powerful – thanks for reminding me. While I missed the Solstice, I know they can be done anytime, and the New Year coming will be perfect. I am going to think about this.

    Lovely post as always! Thank you!

    • Hey Lovelies,
      Thanks for making time to leave your comments in the busy lead up to Christmas!
      Michelle: Looking forward to my planning this year for the first time! I have gorgeous printouts to guide me along :)
      Yvette: Merry Christmas to you too, fabulous rainbow Yvette!
      Tammy: Yes, yes – do New Years releasings! Let us know how you go.
      See you soon x o x o

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