Christmas is here and so are we

Helloooooooo Lovely one! So glad you’re here! (Hugs)

In this season that brings

  • a tendency towards hyper-consumerism, and
  • an inclination compare our situation with what it’s ‘supposed to be like’ and become depressed,

may I wax a little philosophical about Christmas marketing?

Flowers from the Farmers Market this morning


I’ve been pondering: why do I find it so difficult to let you know that my artwork is here and available, somehow specially when it’s nearly Christmas?

Most of my brain understands that you love to have my art in your world (that’s why you’re here and reading this, I’m guessing) and you also enjoy being able to support an independent artisan.

According to marketing information I have read (of the Do-What-You-Do-Best-and-Let-Others-Know-About-It school of thought) it would be timely to remind you that my art is here and that you could get some if you want it! However, I felt nauseous, imagining I’d be pushy and overdo it – somehow be all ‘sell’ and no joy – that until now I struggled and resisted even writing a blog post, despite the fact that it would be genuinely helpful to do this now while there’s still enough time to mail things out by Christmas!

To boil it down: I want us both to be happy and thrive! So, I’d like Bold Art for Bold Souls ‘Christmas marketing’ to be similar to the picture above. In other words: the bright joyful stuff is in the foreground and if there’s a bit of a Christmas flavour in the background adding colour, shine and joy, then that’s about the right balance. In other words, as usual here, it’s all about:

  • colour and pattern,
  • flowers and decoration,
  • self awareness and care, and
  • kindness to others, with
  • Christmas sparkling benignly in the background.

That sounds about right.

Here’s my version of a reminder (that doesn’t trigger my retch reflex):

On Friday, a friend (Hello Sister R!) bought some greeting cards from me “…as presents for the people she isn’t getting presents for!”

Links to calendars, greeting cards, cat gifts, combo packs [I’ve simplified things and unpacked the combo packs! – not currently available] and wall art.
All orders between now and the end of the year will also receive a complimentary pack of 10 gift tags! Cos I adore you, and gift tags are handy!

You’re beautiful – remember that!
Love Meg x o


5 thoughts on “Christmas is here and so are we”

  1. Glad to see you found some peace around this, Meg. :-) :>
    Tell you want, I pretty much came to a similar conclusion myself after our talk: keep it biz as normal, with a bit of Hollyday Flair to round out the mix. :-)
    (Love your description of it! :-) You’ll notice that I’m borrowing some of your words here. :>)

    Here’s to a Happy & Prosperous set of Hollydays for us All! :-) :>

    1. Tammy: Thank you, and you’re very welcome!
      Birdy: The concord was hard won, and likely to need working on again next year, but that’s how life works, right?
      Love Meg x o

  2. You’re not forcing yourself down our throats. You’re not telling us that without your product we’ll be less happy and fulfilled. You are just pointing us in the direction of your lovely work and allowing us to make a choice. I dont think there is anything wrong in that at all. Have a super mellow happy-concience Christmas.

    1. Thanks for your encouragement, Natalie! I love your:

      “super mellow happy-conscience Christmas”

      wish :) Right back at ya!
      By the way, we had a good rain yesterday night, hope you got some too :)
      See you on Facebook!
      Love Meg x o

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