Market greetings

Namaste, Sweetie Pops!

How are you? I hope this finds you drenched in the clear, thirst quenching wonderfulness of both rainwater and life – though not necessarily rainwater itself, unless that is your wish! x o

Remember I mentioned the Goodwood Christmas market? It was on this past Saturday and was good fun! The rain just cleared after the first half hour or so (freshly washed market – hooray!) and I even got to use my market umbrella (though initially I forgot it, and my husband drove back home to fetch it!) The umbrella base is made of 80kg of Swedish concrete – I’ll bet you can guess which shop that came from – what a heavy item to import!
Had a lovely time at the market. Made new friends. Hugged old friends. The pictures of my fabulous helper friends and I are on the Facebook Tangerine Meg Visual Artist page. You can see us posing near the calendars and the greeting card stands. The stands are a new thing and are well worth having, it’s much easier to see all the cards!
As you could see, if you looked at those pictures, I had a rainbow headband on. The photographer for the market ‘headhunted’ me and my rainbow headband – along with another stallholder and some face-painted kids – to go in their market photo for the day! I will show you when I get a copy! Fun! [later: It’s arrived, click here to see!]

While preparing for this and the previous market I realised that there are 12 new greeting card designs since this time last year. It’s getting to be quite a collection, isn’t it? Here are the new ones:

All available (except one – there’s a treasure hunt for you: which one? – and that one will be up for grabs very very soon) [it is available now! For those playing at home, the one unavailable for sale off my site at the time of this blog post was “All You Need is Love] at my Lush Greeting Cards page or in combination packs at my Combo Packs page :D

Remember: support independent artisans to help bring handmade energy, TLC and originality to the holidays!

Let me know if you have a favourite art market in your town, and what you love about it. I’d love to hear your voice in the comments section below.

See you next week here, or in between on Facebook :)
Lots of love,
Meg x o

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