How 2 naughty boys made me realise I was being judgemental and inadvertently gave me flowers

Hey lovely bold soul!

Hope you are as well as well can be, and skipping in the sunshine – or internal equivalent :)

How a moment can turn around!
I was probably glowering. Looking and wondering what the ‘naughty’ boys were doing. I was stewing, thinking “Don’t they know the old people in the units there like their flowers”, “There aren’t infinity flowers in the world” – like I don’t ever pick flowers and Nature’s not abundant – and generalised *grrr*.
The big boys had broken off a stalk of agapanthus, snapped the strong stem in half, and thrown back the flower head into the garden. I was silently outraged, wondering what the world was coming to! Even in that moment I was aware these sounded like stereotypical judgemental thoughts :P

Guess what though? If I’d left it, the flower head would’ve decomposed back into earth just fine! Being somewhat of an opportunist, however, I crossed the road and retrieved the flower head – yoink! – brought it home and popped it in water. See it in the photo above? It’s beautiful, right? By the way, that vase was one from the dining tables when my husband and I got married :) I still like their ikea simplicity.

What did those 2 ‘naughty’ boys do with their ‘aggy’ stems? Play sword-fighting, that’s all! There aren’t always a lot of opportunities in our culture to get some basic physical boy play in, but they made it happen; in quite a harmless way in retrospect. Now I’m cringing at the over-reaction of my monkey mind!

As I walked home flower in hand, the mix and match department of my brain fashioned a cat picture featuring agapanthus flowers – it might even make a nice tshirt! Not only have I learned about myself from this mornings walk, I’m lucky enough to have gained inspiration, too.

Adelaide bold souls: I’m having a stall, with my art and greeting cards, at the Goodwood Alive Community Christmas Market this Saturday, November 26, from 10am til 2pm! Hope you can come :) If you wear stripey socks I will give you a special Bold Souls Only Bookmark!

Let me know in the comments section of a time when you’ve misjudged a situation initially and came to see it more positively later on. I’d love to hear – it’ll make me less embarrassed!

Love from modified me,
Meg x o


How 2 naughty boys made me realise I was being judgemental and inadvertently gave me flowers — 3 Comments

    • Hi Kelly and Susanna! Thanks for the reassurances!
      Kelly: I love you too Kelly! (By the way, it’s “Meg” around these here parts!) Have you got boys too? How’s the Christmas Guide (and competition) going?
      Susanna: Dear dear boys, growing up into lovely men <3
      Have a wonderful week!
      Love Meg x o

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